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Organized Tour in Zanzibar: Dolphins and Colobuses

Русская версия We spent several wonderful days in Zanzibar and we enjoyed our time a lot! At some point of time we had such a euphoria moment that we even booked the organized tour to see dolphins and colobuses. This experience showed again that there are very few really professional tour companies and even fewer good guides in them. That is why if you have an opportunity to see something independently, it is better to rely on yourself.
Tours in Zanzibar

Paradise Island Zanzibar

Русская версия Zanzibar became the final part of our big African trip. We spent five beautiful days there and we may say that we saw a lot of the island within this time, and we will share our impressions with great pleasure.

Nairobi: Safety Precautions and Major Attractions

Русская версия Kenyans often joke about Nairobi saying that its name derives from the phrase ‘night robbery’. There is always a kernel of truth in jokes, and Nairobi is indeed known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Just one example: when Victor asked for a photo with a policeman for his collection, the policeman asked for money for the photo. It is hard to imagine how such kind of police can protect someone. Yet, if you still decide to visit Nairobi despite its dangers, here comes our advice on which safety rules to follow and what is worth seeing in the capital of Kenya.

10 Ways of Having Cheap or Free Safari in Eastern Africa

Русская версия No one can deny that people mainly come to Africa for safari. Finding cheaper and better safari is the most important topic of travel forums and Lonely Planets on Africa. We have to confess that we did not visit the classic safari, yet, there was much more to do in our month long East African trip. Another controversy about safari is that while the white tourists (named mzungu by the locals) pay thousands euros (we are not kidding) for seeing a lion from their 4WD, sometimes, there are kids just 100 meters from the tourists’ routes, with huge bellies caused by hunger. The huge money brought by mzungu for safari does not reach the African economy because of the terrible corruption of East African states. If you are still not convinced and want to see the African animals anyway, we offer 10 ways of doing safari in a relatively cheap or even free way.
Cheap Safari

Jinja (Uganda) and transfer to Kenya

Русская версия People come to Jinja for rafting which did not interest us a lot. That is why we preferred other activities: visiting the source of the Nile and communicating with kids in the orphanage.
what to do in Jinja

Kampala: Must-sees, Stories, Kings and Traditions from the Ugandan Capital

Русская версия Did you know that in Uganda one will never say “dead” about any of the passed away king: it is only “changed” which is conventional instead? Or, that there are 53 clans in the country, each of which has its totem – an animal or a plant which cannot be killed/destroyed and eaten by the member of the clan? Or, that they also used to have the shit clan, which apparently, did not last long? Our today’s post is about these and many other unbelievable traditions of Uganda as well as its difficult colonial and post-colonial history – all we learned in the country’s capital Kampala.
Kampala must sees