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Chinese New Year or how to get from Vietnam to China

Русская версия When we were going to China, Malaysia, and Vietnam before the Chinese New Year 2014, many people tried to urge us against doing so. The problem is that the time before and during the New Year is characterized with lots of migrations: everyone goes to visit his or her relatives and friends just like we do before the New Year and Christmas. That is why the borders, the roads, and the transport are overloaded and this is not the best time for travelling. But we did not have another choice, and travelled anyway.
Chinese New Year

Macau: 10 Major Sights

Русская версия We have already written a detailed story about Macau churches and temples of different religions. Today we will share the list of major secular must-see places of Macau.
Saint Paul’s church

1. Ruins of Saint Paul’s church

destroyed during the fire on 1835 became non-religious place and the city dominant long ago, attracting lots of tourists. By today, only the façade has been preserved, combining together the eastern and the western baroque elements.


Русская версия   In 1979, Shenzhen was still a settlement of farmers and fishers with only several hundred thousand people at the borders of Hong Kong. Having become one of Chinese Special Economic Zones, todays Shenzhen is a modern megalopolis with hotels, skyscrapers, smog, and speedways. In addition, there are many cheap flights Air Asia performs all over South-East Asia from Shenzhen, while the options of flights from nearby Guangzhou and Hong Kong are much more expensive. Shenzhen is easy to reach by train, and it often becomes a hub on the way to some other destination. This post tells what to see in Shenzhen within several hours.
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Macau: Temples and Churches

Русская версия   Macau is notorious as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, being one of the world’s casino capitals. As usually, there is a lot behind this main touristic attraction, in particular – some famous Buddhist temples and Christian churches to stop by and ask the gods for some extra luck in the casino.


Русская версия   In winter 2014 we travelled around Southeastern Asia starting from Guangzhou, where we flew cheaply with China Southern from Moscow.