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Extended Mae Hong Son Loop (Thailand). 1400 km by bike: detailed description and tips

Русская версия One of the main attractions in the Northern Thailand is a motorcycling Mae Hong Son Loop. The road runs through the main towns of the province Mae Hong Son – Mae Sariang and Pai, and usually starts from Chiang Mai. This city has an international airport as well as many companies renting out motorbikes and motorcycles. The 600 km path with 1864 curves brings about a lot of adventures. Mae Hong Son attracts tourists not only for sightseeing: for experienced drivers this is the opportunity to drive on the mountain roads.
Mae Hong Son Loop by bike

Prague. Where to Drink Tasty Beer, Eat, and Ramble

Русская версия We now continue the story about Prague and this time Victor will advise where to drink fresh beer, eat tasty meal, and what to see in Prague without visiting numerous museums and monuments.

Penang Island (Malaysia)

Русская версия   The island of Penang and its capital Georgetown is a favorite for many tourists due to pre-Second World War British colonial architecture as well as the 19th century churches, temples, mosques, and colonial buildings. George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage. According to Wikitravel, “the city is clean, safe, well managed, and very walkable”, although we do not quite agree to that. However, first things first.


Русская версия   During our Gonio beach getaway, we wanted not only to enjoy the sea, but also to be entertained; for the entertainment, we went every day by marshrutka to Batumi.

Baku side trips: Gobustan and mud volcanoes (Azerbaijan, intermediate level)

Русская версия   Early in the morning, we departed from Baku where we spent our first day in Azerbaijan for Gobustan to see a Unesco World Heritage Site – national park famous for its Rock Art and nearby mud volcanoes. First you have to reach the bus station at the 20th of January street (by marshrutka nr. 29). Then take a bus to Gobustan and ask the bus driver to stop you there; this trip takes less than an hour. The bus stops in the middle of nowhere, but you will be immediately met by numerous taxi drivers. Our taxi driver wanted 45 manats to get us to both Gobustan and volcanoes, but we bargained it to 25 (how naïve we were!). Unfortunately, taxi is the only way to get to the destination. You might try to get to Gobustan by hitch-hiking, but don’t hope to get to mud volcanoes in such a way, there is hardly any road and these are only tourists who go there.