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The guided tour from Tallinn to Turkey for 229 euros only! (all included)

Русская версия German tourist company WOW Travel, offers a tour from Tallinn to Turkey from October, 29 to November, 5 2014 for 229 euros only. The voucher which may be purchased from Estonian coupon website covers 7-day trip in Turkey (and tickets to and from Turkey), 4* and 5* hotels, and even breakfasts. We treat guided tours with caution, but why not to try for such a price!

The seven-day package includes:

airtickets Tallinn-Antalya-Tallinn
transfer to and from the airport
hotell for 4 nights 5* in Antalya
hotell for 2 nights 4* in Cappadocia
hotell for 1 night 5* in Antalya
3-day excursion in Cappadocia (tickets to the museums have to be purchased separately)
1-day excursion in Antalya

The website is in Russian and Estonian only, but we hope that googletranslator may help you.

Cappadocia – is a unique geologic formation, well-known for its interesting landscape, lots of cave temples and monasteries, the history of which is as long as the history of the early Christianity. Many of its objects are included to UNESCO heritage list.

Trip plan:

1 day – Antalya, arrival

2 day – Antalya, free day

3,4 days – Calpadocia tours

5,6 days – Antalya (city tour, Caravan-Serail)

7 day – free day

8 day – departure to Tallinn

The price is available for one person in case of at least two people traveling. Babies till 2 years are to pay 50 euros extra, after two years – full price.

NB! The voucher may be returned and refunded within 2 weeks after the purchase in case it is not registered at WOW Travel website.

Once again, the purchase is available at