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How to get from Yerevan to Tbilisi

Русская версия   We have already mentioned how we got from Tbilisi to Yerevan, and here we will tell how to get back.
already came from Yerevan to Tbilisi

Caucasus (July-August, 2013): Itinerary and practical advice

Русская версия   In summer 2013, we had a month long tour around Caucasus, including its Northern Russian part, Armenia, Georgia, Abkhazia, and Azerbaijan with their lovely people, yummy food and incredible stories. Some people assume that these are dangerous countries, but they are not unless you do certain things. This post is about what to keep in mind when traveling in Caucasus, and how to plan the trip.

We started the journey from Riga (which we reached from Tallinn by Ecolines 4,5 hours bus). One flight Riga-Baku cost 118 euros per person (by Airbaltic), and coming back from Sochi to Minsk was 140 euros extra (each, Belavia).

This is the map of the places we aimed to visit:

Sightseeing in Abkhazia: our impressions

Русская версия   In the previous post , we have already told how to get and where to stay in Abkhazia. This time we will tell you what you can see in this country, apart from its wonderful sea.

Resting on the Beach in Abkhazia: Practicalities

Русская версия  After three weeks of the great, but tiring trip in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russian Caucasus, we decided to take a rest on the beach during the last few days. We chose Abkhazia, historically well-known for its resorts and lying on our way. This post tells how to organize the rest here, and explores Abkhazia’s positive and negative sides.

Kazbegi, Georgia

Русская версия   Mount Kazbek is famous due to Russian literature: schoolchildren in the Soviet Union and some post-Soviet countries learnt by heart poetic pieces by Jury Lermontov or read books by Ilf and Petrov, all describing Kazbek. To this well-known dormant stratovolcano and one of the major mountains of the Caucasus, we came from Gonio through Batumi, Tbilisi, by Georgian Military Road. Here we will tell about multiple sights and adventures we encountered on our way as well as about Stepantsminda – Georgian town (which used to be the village of Kazbegi) at the foot of Kazbek.


Русская версия   During our Gonio beach getaway, we wanted not only to enjoy the sea, but also to be entertained; for the entertainment, we went every day by marshrutka to Batumi.