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Naantali – Moominworld in Finland

Русская версия Naantali is an excellent Finnish summer destination offering diverse activities for everyone. It is situated in between many other interesting Finnish places and provides an opportunity for an interesting, at least half a day stop.

Seili Island, Finland

Русская версия The island of Seili in the Archipelago Sea is off the south west coast of Finland. Seili is worth visiting not only for its unique nature, biology research station, traditional Finnish food and sauna: the place is known for its gloomy history of a leper colony and a lunatic asylym.
Archipelago Sea

Walking around Turku (Finland)

Русская версия   The Russian proverb says, “Chicken is not a bird, and Finland is not a foreign country” (same is said in the Belarusian proverb about Poland). Despite certain similarities of the landscape in Russia and Finland which became the ground for this proverb, there is a lot to see in both very different countries. Here we will tell about Turku – the oldest city of Finland and the country’s former capital.

From Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki for 5 euros

Русская версия Become one of the first to take a trip from Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki by brand new Lux Express buss, for less that 5 euros! The quantity of tickets with this price is limited, so make your decision fast! This price works for the first bus on this route, departing June, 2, 2014.


Finnish buses: the cheapest transport in one of the most expensive countries

Русская версия   Scared by Finnish prices? Reluctant to go there because it is so expensive?
There is a way to save money!