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Jerusalem: 5 Neighborhoods outside the Old City to Visit

Русская версия If you are tired of the tourist crowds concentrating in Jerusalem Old City or it seems to you that you have seen all of it, you should remember that Jerusalem is far more than just the old city. Many other neighborhoods deserve exploration and may bring about the impressions completely different from that of the Old City.

Jerusalem Old City

Русская версия Jerusalem Old City is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world hardly comparable to anything else due to its religious and historical importance for too many denominations and peoples. The Old City is the UNESCO site which includes Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quarters surrounded by the defensive walls. It may take weeks to explore the Old City, which is why we do not try to describe everything. We will rather concentrate on the sites central for every quarter, or must-sees.
Jerusalem Old City

Israel: 10 Major Impressions

Русская версия After spending two weeks on Israel we are willing to share major impressions from the country with you!