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Arshan (Baikal): The Guided Tour to the Sun Observatory and Extinct Volcanoes

Русская версия We are very far from being the fans of organized tours, especially after some unpleasant experiences, for instance, in Abkhazia and Zanzibar. This negative experiences, however, may be contested by the positive ones, such as tours in Kamchatka or Olkhon Island in Baikal. Similarly, the guided tour to Arshan (we walked around it on our own a lot too) also left us with great impressions we are going to share with you.
Tunkinskaya Valley

Chiang Rai (Mae Hong Son Loop, Northern Thailand)

Русская версия After fixing the hole in the bike wheel in Ban Tha Ton we made it to Chiang Rai without any other adventures or stops. We found the backpackers’ hostel Akha River House we had booked easily (it was really bad though) and faced a new problem: where to change the money? A tourist in Thailand should remember that you are charged 200 bahts every time when you use an ATM and you might want to avoid it. Yet, it was the 1st of January, the holiday. The hostel administrator recommended to try Plaza Mall for the currency exchange; by the way, the guide books seriously recommend this mall as one of the attractions in Thailand.
Chiang Rai

Organized Tour in Zanzibar: Dolphins and Colobuses

Русская версия We spent several wonderful days in Zanzibar and we enjoyed our time a lot! At some point of time we had such a euphoria moment that we even booked the organized tour to see dolphins and colobuses. This experience showed again that there are very few really professional tour companies and even fewer good guides in them. That is why if you have an opportunity to see something independently, it is better to rely on yourself.
Tours in Zanzibar

Kazan – a City for Any Taste

Русская версия Kazan is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cities in Russia. It includes a lot of history (being 1000 years old), culture, religion, and vivid alternative cultural life. All in all, it will suit the traveler of any interests. You should plan at least two days for Kazan!

Israel: 10 Major Impressions

Русская версия After spending two weeks on Israel we are willing to share major impressions from the country with you!

Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia

Русская версия We have already written about the unusual places around Tallinn, and Patarei prison. Today we continue to tell about Estonia. Most of people coming to Estonia visit at least Tallinn or Tartu. A rarer tourist gets to Estonian town of SPAs – Pärnu. Perhaps, after our story Estonia will become even more attractive for you.
We visited this nice town in October. Despite the fact that it was already quite chilly, we still enjoyed the fresh air, had a great walk, and also visited the water center.
parnu graffity