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On Kyrgyz Hospitality, or Lamb Picnic at the Mountain River

Русская версия Having visited Osh and Jalal-Abad, this day we were planning to get to the center of Kyrgyzstan to see more natural sights there. There was no public transport service on our route, and we decided to hitch-hike. We stopped a Lexus, and before its driver, Zamir, drove us to the place we wanted, he had succeeded in changing our minds: instead of tourist stuff we were heading to the picnic with his family, where he had invited us.
Kyrgyz Hospitality

Granada, the home of the most visited sight in Spain

Русская версия Last week Nastya succeeded in making her way from the eternal Estonian cold to summer – the city of Granada in the south of Spain. As it turned out, Granada is not only good for the sun baths, but also for sightseeing; it is actually the home to the most visited sight of Spain – the Alhambra Palace.

Last days of Patarei prison in Tallinn

Русская версия One week ago we visited one of the landmarks of Tallinn – Patarei prison (‘battery’). October, 2 was announced as the last day of existence for this complex in its present form. For the last 15 years, it was a kind of a museum, as well as a place for filming movies or organising events. The building goes to ruins and in most places it is unsafe; investors for its restoration have not been found, so it is going to be closed. Today we pay the tribute for this place.
Patarei prison

Kampala: Must-sees, Stories, Kings and Traditions from the Ugandan Capital

Русская версия Did you know that in Uganda one will never say “dead” about any of the passed away king: it is only “changed” which is conventional instead? Or, that there are 53 clans in the country, each of which has its totem – an animal or a plant which cannot be killed/destroyed and eaten by the member of the clan? Or, that they also used to have the shit clan, which apparently, did not last long? Our today’s post is about these and many other unbelievable traditions of Uganda as well as its difficult colonial and post-colonial history – all we learned in the country’s capital Kampala.
Kampala must sees

Osh and Jalal-Abad (Kyrgyzstan)

Русская версия After our Pamir adventures, we finally reached Osh in Kyrgyzstan. We decided to relax there: it has everything you could crave for in the mountain villages: shower (sometimes even hot), fruits and vegetables in large quantities, and lots of other foods.

The Last Sights of Vietnam: Hue and Ha Noi

Русская версия Our Vietnamese adventures continued with Hue and Ha Noi being the last destinations on the way. We got there after visiting Da Nang and Hoi An .