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Rwanda – Uganda: Crossing the Border

Русская версия Having spent several days in Rwanda, we had to move on, to the next East African country – Uganda. We applied for the East African visa in advance here which also allowed us to visit Kenya. We had all the documents at hand and did not worry too much about crossing the border, but the transport could be a problem. That is why we decided to describe the route for those who may need it (at the moment there is almost no information in the internet).

How to Get from Tanzania to Burundi and from Burundi to Rwanda: visas, transport, and funny experiences

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East African transport. Part II. Tuki-tuki, boda-boda, piki-piki, traffic jams and more

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This is a continuation of our story about East African transport: this time about its more unusual types. The most popular type after basi and dala-dala is, perhaps, piki-piki or boda-boda – a moto taxi.

East African transport. Part I. Dala-dala and basi

Русская версия While most of the tourists in East Africa are looking for the reliable company to rent a jeep, we will tell about tougher African experience – public transport. It is tough, however, not because it is too terrible, but because too many white people consider it is terrible. But, as we said, it is often fun!

East Africa: Our First Impressions

Русская версия   It was in October 2014 when we found cheap tickets from Brussels to Zanzibar, couldn’t resist, and bought them.