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10 reasons to Go to the Azores (Portugal)

The Azores are just a stone throw from mainland Portugal (Lisbon), with very convenient and rather cheap TAP Portugal airline flying there. In this post, we give you ten reasons why, as a traveler, one should not overlook Azores and visit them for sure! 1. The Azores are a little Iceland, yet cheaper, and more comfortable to travel around. Azores…

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Azores: How to Arrange Your Trip, Including the Information about Free Flights between the Islands

The Azores are much less known among tourists than, for example, the Canary Islands, Madeira, or Cyprus, but this is what makes them special: there is no mass tourism in the Azores yet. This means that you will discover all the unique sights and entertainment that the Azores offer without the crowds of tourists with selfie-sticks and for very affordable…

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