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Rwanda – Uganda: Crossing the Border

Русская версия Having spent several days in Rwanda, we had to move on, to the next East African country – Uganda. We applied for the East African visa in advance here which also allowed us to visit Kenya. We had all the documents at hand and did not worry too much about crossing the border, but the transport could be a problem. That is why we decided to describe the route for those who may need it (at the moment there is almost no information in the internet).

Gisenyi (Rwanda) – the town on Kivu Lake

Русская версия We came to Gisenyi from the capital of Rwanda Kigali, and although the trip takes only several hours, we managed to have another adventure by African transport. In one of the villages on the way some child threw a stone into the bus and broke the bus front window. The local investigation began, because of which we arrived in Gisenyi rather late and started to take pictures only in the morning.

Kigali: the genocide story of Rwanda

Русская версия Going to Rwanda, we were quite scared. Only 20 years before 500000 to 1000000 people were killed due to genocide here, and neither Europe nor the US could stop the violence. Entering the country, we were feeling pressure, similar to what we had felt in Burundi.
How to get to Rwanda

How to Get from Tanzania to Burundi and from Burundi to Rwanda: visas, transport, and funny experiences

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Children in Africa

Русская версия   Apart from the standard safari-trip in East Africa, there is one more “entertainment” the locals will try to attract you with – financial aid to children. This happens on several levels: from children following you and yelling “Give me your dollar” to grown-ups professionally asking for money to fund children. At the same time, there are still decent funds which supply themselves independently.

East Africa: Our First Impressions

Русская версия   It was in October 2014 when we found cheap tickets from Brussels to Zanzibar, couldn’t resist, and bought them.