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Paradise Island Zanzibar

Русская версия Zanzibar became the final part of our big African trip. We spent five beautiful days there and we may say that we saw a lot of the island within this time, and we will share our impressions with great pleasure.

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Mwanza and the Museum of the Sukuma Tribe (Tanzania)

Русская версия   Mwanza is a city situated on the shores of Victoria lake; its name is translated from the Sukuma language as “lake”. Mwanza is one of the largest cities of Tanzania, famous for its rocky landscape, fish, and multiple tribes living together in peace.

Children in Africa

Русская версия   Apart from the standard safari-trip in East Africa, there is one more “entertainment” the locals will try to attract you with – financial aid to children. This happens on several levels: from children following you and yelling “Give me your dollar” to grown-ups professionally asking for money to fund children. At the same time, there are still decent funds which supply themselves independently.

Singida (Tanzania)

Русская версия   Although Singida is just a stonethrow from the main Tanzanian tourist destination – Arusha (most of the safaris depart from it), the travelers rarely come here, although it can also boast of a couple of attractions.
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Balangida, Tanzanian Salted Lake

Русская версия   The next day after visiting Barbaig tribe, our guide Thomas was busy with other tourists, while we really wanted to get to Balangida lake, not too easy to reach on your own.