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Jinja (Uganda) and transfer to Kenya

Русская версия People come to Jinja for rafting which did not interest us a lot. That is why we preferred other activities: visiting the source of the Nile and communicating with kids in the orphanage.
what to do in Jinja

Kampala: Must-sees, Stories, Kings and Traditions from the Ugandan Capital

Русская версия Did you know that in Uganda one will never say “dead” about any of the passed away king: it is only “changed” which is conventional instead? Or, that there are 53 clans in the country, each of which has its totem – an animal or a plant which cannot be killed/destroyed and eaten by the member of the clan? Or, that they also used to have the shit clan, which apparently, did not last long? Our today’s post is about these and many other unbelievable traditions of Uganda as well as its difficult colonial and post-colonial history – all we learned in the country’s capital Kampala.
Kampala must sees

New Year in Kampala (Uganda)

Русская версия Our today’s post is going to be brief, but priceless! For a couple of years by now we have been trying to avoid making a decision on where, how, and with whom we should celebrate New Year, which salads to cook and outfits to wear. The New Year 2015 became the first celebration of this kind: we spent it in Africa, the capital of Uganda – Kampala.
New Year in Africa

Around Kabale (Uganda): Lake Bunyonyi, Punishment Island, Smiths, Healers, Pygmies and many other interesting encounters

Русская версия This day became perhaps one of the most memorable in our African trip. After crossing the border between Rwanda and Uganda we got to Kabale and planned a one-day guided trip on the hilly part of Western Uganda towards lake Bunyonyi. On the same day without planning it, we also went to see Pygmies by the motorboat.

Rwanda – Uganda: Crossing the Border

Русская версия Having spent several days in Rwanda, we had to move on, to the next East African country – Uganda. We applied for the East African visa in advance here which also allowed us to visit Kenya. We had all the documents at hand and did not worry too much about crossing the border, but the transport could be a problem. That is why we decided to describe the route for those who may need it (at the moment there is almost no information in the internet).

Children in Africa

Русская версия   Apart from the standard safari-trip in East Africa, there is one more “entertainment” the locals will try to attract you with – financial aid to children. This happens on several levels: from children following you and yelling “Give me your dollar” to grown-ups professionally asking for money to fund children. At the same time, there are still decent funds which supply themselves independently.