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Myanmar: 10 Major Impressions, Our Route and Tips

Русская версия We spent only 5 days in Myanmar, and we are very sad about it: we should have taken more from our trip around Thailand. Myanmar is really great, not spoilt with tourists yet, very friendly and unusual. Further we will tell about those things which impressed us most in this country.
Myanmar. Jangon streets

China-Malasiya-Vietnam-China: itinerary and advice

Русская версия The idea of this trip appeared in September 2013, when constantly monitoring tickets for winter holidays anywhere, we came across the sale of China Southern and bought round trip tickets Moscow – Guangzhou – Moscow for 471$ each. But between September and the trip itself (in January) too many things happened. We overtravelled in the US, Nastya had appendicitis surgery less than a month before the trip – these and other small troubles made us think of returning the tickets (loosing 1/3 of their price only although we bought them on a sale). But we finally decided to go, and made Chinese visa last moment. What we did not consider is that our trip coincided with Chinese New Year which implies multiple migrations in this region and high prices for the tickets. That is why instead of the initial route China – Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos, we had to change the choice of the countries to Vietnam and Malaysia: tickets to and from them cost less.
Map of the route (clickable):