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Karen (Long Neck) and Other Tribes in the North of Thailand

Русская версия After seeing the real Karen village, we set off to the tourist one. It is one of the multiple villages between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, with several sectors, each dedicated to a different tribe.
tribe village

Chiang Rai (Mae Hong Son Loop, Northern Thailand)

Русская версия After fixing the hole in the bike wheel in Ban Tha Ton we made it to Chiang Rai without any other adventures or stops. We found the backpackers’ hostel Akha River House we had booked easily (it was really bad though) and faced a new problem: where to change the money? A tourist in Thailand should remember that you are charged 200 bahts every time when you use an ATM and you might want to avoid it. Yet, it was the 1st of January, the holiday. The hostel administrator recommended to try Plaza Mall for the currency exchange; by the way, the guide books seriously recommend this mall as one of the attractions in Thailand.
Chiang Rai

Chiang Dao – Karens tribe – Ban Yang (factory) – Doi Anghhang – Ban Tha Ton, or New Year in Thailand (Mae Hong Son loop, the north of Thailand)

Русская версия We are continuing to tell the story about the sights of northern Thailand accessible by bike along Mae Hong Son Loop. After visiting Pai and getting into the bike accident, we headed towards Chiang Rai. On the way, as it turned out, there were a lot of things to see.
In the morning, we started from Chiang Dao and turned away from out route to see the village of Karens tribe. You might remember that Karen tribe is also called the long-neck tribe, they as if wear rings on their necks and joints, which makes their necks and joints longer than usual people have. Yet, this whole story is a tourist fairy-tale: Karens are brought from Burma by local businessmen who then put rings on Karens and settle them in the zoo-type villages: tourists pay to visit them.

Pai, Surroundings and Bike Accident (Northern Thailand)

Русская версия After visiting the Chinese village of Ban Rak Thai, on Mae Hong Son Loop of northern Thailand we planned to visit Pai. On the way, we stopped at several other tourist places, first of all, the Fish Cave.
Fish Cave

Ban Rak Thai – Chinese Village in the North of Thailand

Русская версия Continuing our trip in the North of Thailand and Mae Hong Son Loop, we started from Mae Sariang to Chinese Ban Rak Thai early in the morning. Thailand is considered to be a warm country, but mornings on bike are rather cold and uncomfortable. Moreover, during the first hour the road was quite boring, but also almost free of traffic. After the sun came out, and the first pictures were made, the trip became much more fun.
Mae Hong Son Loop

Mae Sariang (Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand)

Русская версия Mae Hong Son Loop is a circle route in the north of Thailand, so far one of the best and the least spoilt by tourists places of Thailand. We spent more than a week there, travelling by bike from one village to another. After visiting Doi Inthanon Mountain with its stupas dedicated to the king and the queen, we drove to the small village Mae Sariang, not far from the Burmese border. We spent the whole day driving around Mae Sariang then, as there is a lot to see there.
Mae Hong Son Loop