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The Last Sights of Vietnam: Hue and Ha Noi

Русская версия Our Vietnamese adventures continued with Hue and Ha Noi being the last destinations on the way. We got there after visiting Da Nang and Hoi An .

New Vietnamese Adventures: Da Nang and Hoi An

Русская версия Our favourite region in Vietnam is of course Dak Lak, but the rest of the places we visited (excluding Nha Trang) left very positive impression too. On this day it was time to get from Da Lat to Da Nang – the seaside city and a great hub for visiting various sights.
Da Nang-1IMG_3205

Da Lat – Postcolonial Vietnamese City on the Hills

Русская версия In case you suppose that Vietnam is all about Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, you are very wrong! Our favourite province in Vietnam is Dak Lak (having very few tourists, but a lot to see), yet, our next destination – Da Lat – also became a pleasant surprise.

Dak Lak Province – Our Favourite Region in Vietnam. Part 2. Buon Don, the village of elephant hunters

Русская версия After the first day in Dak Lak province, having tamed the bike and visited the Gia Long waterfall, on the second day we took off to visit Buon Duon village, famous for its elephant hunters and unusual graveyard where the greatest hunters are being buried. We drove there by bike again and in the village had a ride on the elephant’s back.
elephant’s village

Dak Lak Province – Our Favourite Region in Vietnam. Part 1. Taming the Bike

Русская версия Would you like to see real Vietnam, not some resort like Nha Trang? Would you like to see how people live there, what is a Vietnamese village or even a Vietnamese wedding, to learn to communicate without any common language? Then you should visit Dak Lak province and its capital Buon Ma Thuot. We loved this place in Vietnam most, although we spent only two days there. Within this time, we managed to visit Buon Ma Thuot per se and a nearby waterfall, this story is dedicated to; a separate story will come out on visiting the elephant hunters village too.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

Русская версия We came to Vietnam with mulptiple stereotypes drawn from the travellers’ forums and blogs (and similar to those we were going to Africa with), that is why our arrival to Ho Chi Minh from Kuala-Lumpur started with panics. Later it started to feel much better, especially after we stayed with our Vietnamese couchsurfer, visited Ho Chi Minh museums and other attractions and tried Vietnamese cuisine. Even the traffic in Ho Chi Minh did not seem so scary as at the beginning.
Traffic in Hochimin