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Getting to Know Lisbon, or What we learned from Lisbon Free Tours

Русская версия On our very first day in Lisbon we decided to start with the free city tour. Such tours exist in most European capitals (read about our experience here), and once we published the post on how to get to a free tour and what to expect from it. Due to the high demand, there is a huge number of companies offering free tours and the competition is quite serious. We assume that is why most of them might be as good as our tour guide Fred from New Lisbon Tours, although he was more than perfect (so why risk?).
Lisbon Free Tours

Alternative Belgrade Tour

Русская версия If you think that you’ve seen most of Belgrade, you may not be right. There are many less known, yet, wonderful places to explore. We know about most of them thanks to Anna from Belgrade Free Tours who showed many unexpected places within a 4 hour “Belgrade Alternative Tour”. Yet, you may encounter some of the places on your own too.
Alternative Belgrade

AMSTERDAM: Useful Information and Free Tours

Русская версия   At the end of November, Vitya had an event in Amsterdam, but found one day to explore the city in very tough regime. City tour, Red Light District, Heineken Expirience, and Ajax Arena – this is the small list of his activities. This is what he saw and learned.

Tbilisi: heat, architecture, flea market and… Indians

Русская версия   We reached Tbilisi in the evening by marshrutka from Kakheti. The bus station is 5 minutes away from subway, so we went to the railway station to buy tickets to Erevan for the next day, and then to the hostel. We booked it in advance on booking, here, its name is ‘Tbilisi Budget Inn”. Never, never go there!

Free tours – is it possible?

Русская версия   “Yes, it is,” an optimist will say. “Almost,” grumbles pessimist. In fact, both are right.

Sofia free tours