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How to get from Azerbaijan to Georgia and do some sightseeing meanwhile (Shaki – Telavi)

Русская версия   We reached Sheki, the town in the north of Azerbaijan, by the night train from Baku (more about Baku and the train here), which was one hour late. It arrived at a small station more than ten kilometers from Shaki, and the only option to get to the town was a taxi. We shared a ride with a local.
First of all, we went to the bus station to buy tickets to Belokan – we were planning to reach Georgian Kakheti on the same day. The cashier did not let us buy the tickets in advance, but “booked” them by simply promising to keep them for us. It was a good move, as we learned afterwards. Then we went to the the old town of Sheki, which starts after the central square:

Baku side trips: Gobustan and mud volcanoes (Azerbaijan, intermediate level)

Русская версия   Early in the morning, we departed from Baku where we spent our first day in Azerbaijan for Gobustan to see a Unesco World Heritage Site – national park famous for its Rock Art and nearby mud volcanoes. First you have to reach the bus station at the 20th of January street (by marshrutka nr. 29). Then take a bus to Gobustan and ask the bus driver to stop you there; this trip takes less than an hour. The bus stops in the middle of nowhere, but you will be immediately met by numerous taxi drivers. Our taxi driver wanted 45 manats to get us to both Gobustan and volcanoes, but we bargained it to 25 (how naïve we were!). Unfortunately, taxi is the only way to get to the destination. You might try to get to Gobustan by hitch-hiking, but don’t hope to get to mud volcanoes in such a way, there is hardly any road and these are only tourists who go there.

Baku – Yanar Dag, or Azerbaijan for beginners

Русская версия   The night plane from Riga arrived in Baku at 5.30, and that is how our trip around Caucasus started.

airport Baku