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Amsterdam: Red Light District

Русская версия   Victor already described some sights of Amsterdam and is now completing his report with the story about the Red Light District. This post is more of informative kind, not a photo report for various reasons. We still hope that it would be interesting and Victor was right making notes of the Red Light District stories during chilly October evening, instead of staring around 🙂

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Amsterdam: Heineken Experience

Русская версия   During his trip to Amsterdam, Victor visited not only Amsterdam ArenA and the city itself, but also Heineken museum.

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AMSTERDAM: Amsterdam-ArenA

Русская версия   In this post we will talk about Amsterdam Arena Tour as a continuation of Vitya’s Amsterdam stories.
photo: http://www.rma.ru/

AMSTERDAM: Useful Information and Free Tours

Русская версия   At the end of November, Vitya had an event in Amsterdam, but found one day to explore the city in very tough regime. City tour, Red Light District, Heineken Expirience, and Ajax Arena – this is the small list of his activities. This is what he saw and learned.