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Caucasus (July-August, 2013): Itinerary and practical advice

Русская версия   In summer 2013, we had a month long tour around Caucasus, including its Northern Russian part, Armenia, Georgia, Abkhazia, and Azerbaijan with their lovely people, yummy food and incredible stories. Some people assume that these are dangerous countries, but they are not unless you do certain things. This post is about what to keep in mind when traveling in Caucasus, and how to plan the trip.

We started the journey from Riga (which we reached from Tallinn by Ecolines 4,5 hours bus). One flight Riga-Baku cost 118 euros per person (by Airbaltic), and coming back from Sochi to Minsk was 140 euros extra (each, Belavia).

This is the map of the places we aimed to visit:

Sightseeing in Abkhazia: our impressions

Русская версия   In the previous post , we have already told how to get and where to stay in Abkhazia. This time we will tell you what you can see in this country, apart from its wonderful sea.

Bukhara. Part 2: Off the limits of the old city

Русская версия   Having spent a lot of time in Bukhara old town and around, the next day we went further: to shop in the East bazaar, eat manty, visit the summer palace of Bukhara emir, Water museum, the Monument to grieving mother, and to remember childhood in the Soviet amusement park.


Русская версия   In 1979, Shenzhen was still a settlement of farmers and fishers with only several hundred thousand people at the borders of Hong Kong. Having become one of Chinese Special Economic Zones, todays Shenzhen is a modern megalopolis with hotels, skyscrapers, smog, and speedways. In addition, there are many cheap flights Air Asia performs all over South-East Asia from Shenzhen, while the options of flights from nearby Guangzhou and Hong Kong are much more expensive. Shenzhen is easy to reach by train, and it often becomes a hub on the way to some other destination. This post tells what to see in Shenzhen within several hours.
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One Day in Munich

Русская версия   What to see in a huge city so that to visit attractions, to walk, to learn something new, and to eat well? Here we tell what we managed to see and do in Munich in one day.

Cowboy museum in Oklahoma

Русская версия Cowboys are mainly associated with Westerns, and it is hard to imagine that one can meet them today. In fact, the tradition of cowboys is very much alive today, and they exist far beyond the movies. They grow cattle, train horses, participate in rodeo, and get together for the cowboy poetry evenings. In Oklahoma, we visited Cowboy museum to learn more about cowboys.
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