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Barbaig Tribe in Tanzania

Русская версия  Counting almost 50 millions people, Tanzania has about 120 tribes. According to many locals, all of them live in peace due to the politics of the father of Tanzanian nation Julius Nyerere. In Katesh, we visited Barbaig, a seminomad pastoralist tribe of approximately 200000 people. Barbaigs still preserve rather traditional way of life with occasional and rather rare signs of modernity like cellphones or schools. Visiting Barbaig for us was a sort of compromise between uristified Masais and some unknown and hard-to-reach tribe.


9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York

Русская версия  It is difficult to find a person, who has never heard about the terrible events that took a place on September 11, 2001, when almost 3000 people were killed (24 of them missing).

Tanzanian Capital Dodoma and Tanzanian-Ukrainian Wedding

Русская версия Tanzania is known to tourists due to Zanzibar, safari, and enormous Dar-es-Salaam city at the ocean. Few people know that the capital of Tanzania is not Dar, but calm and quiet Dodoma situated closer to the center of the country, away from the ocean.


Русская версия   In winter 2014 we travelled around Southeastern Asia starting from Guangzhou, where we flew cheaply with China Southern from Moscow.

East African transport. Part II. Tuki-tuki, boda-boda, piki-piki, traffic jams and more

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This is a continuation of our story about East African transport: this time about its more unusual types. The most popular type after basi and dala-dala is, perhaps, piki-piki or boda-boda – a moto taxi.

Resting on the Beach in Abkhazia: Practicalities

Русская версия  After three weeks of the great, but tiring trip in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russian Caucasus, we decided to take a rest on the beach during the last few days. We chose Abkhazia, historically well-known for its resorts and lying on our way. This post tells how to organize the rest here, and explores Abkhazia’s positive and negative sides.