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Cowboy museum in Oklahoma

Русская версия Cowboys are mainly associated with Westerns, and it is hard to imagine that one can meet them today. In fact, the tradition of cowboys is very much alive today, and they exist far beyond the movies. They grow cattle, train horses, participate in rodeo, and get together for the cowboy poetry evenings. In Oklahoma, we visited Cowboy museum to learn more about cowboys.
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Macau: Temples and Churches

Русская версия   Macau is notorious as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, being one of the world’s casino capitals. As usually, there is a lot behind this main touristic attraction, in particular – some famous Buddhist temples and Christian churches to stop by and ask the gods for some extra luck in the casino.

Singida (Tanzania)

Русская версия   Although Singida is just a stonethrow from the main Tanzanian tourist destination – Arusha (most of the safaris depart from it), the travelers rarely come here, although it can also boast of a couple of attractions.
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Arkansas: Little Rock and Bill Clinton Museum

Русская версия   What do you know about Arkansas? Going there we only new that its name is similar to Kansas, but the state appeared to be quite famous.

Balangida, Tanzanian Salted Lake

Русская версия   The next day after visiting Barbaig tribe, our guide Thomas was busy with other tourists, while we really wanted to get to Balangida lake, not too easy to reach on your own.

Bukhara. Part 1: how to get, where to stay and to eat; walking in the old city

Русская версия   Bukhara is over 2500 years old, and within these years it was the large center on the Silkroad and a capital of the great Samanid Empire. Samanids in particlular erected their caravanserais, madrasas, palaces, mausoleums, and mosques, still attracting the travellers from all over the world. Along with Khiva, Samarkand, and Tashkent, Bukhara is the most popular tourist destination in Uzbekistan. In 1920 the Red Army headed by Frunze occupied and largely destroyed Bukhara, making its emir flee to Afganistan. In spite of it, their is a great number of sights available for a tourist today, and one may only guess and wonder how many more of them were destroyed.