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Tenerife. Getting there and renting a car

Русская версия
We undertook this great trip in 2011, when we did not even think of starting blog:

Free tours – is it possible?

Русская версия   “Yes, it is,” an optimist will say. “Almost,” grumbles pessimist. In fact, both are right.

Sofia free tours

How to get from Azerbaijan to Georgia and do some sightseeing meanwhile (Shaki – Telavi)

Русская версия   We reached Sheki, the town in the north of Azerbaijan, by the night train from Baku (more about Baku and the train here), which was one hour late. It arrived at a small station more than ten kilometers from Shaki, and the only option to get to the town was a taxi. We shared a ride with a local.
First of all, we went to the bus station to buy tickets to Belokan – we were planning to reach Georgian Kakheti on the same day. The cashier did not let us buy the tickets in advance, but “booked” them by simply promising to keep them for us. It was a good move, as we learned afterwards. Then we went to the the old town of Sheki, which starts after the central square:

Policemen. How we’ve started

Русская версия We got our first photos with policemen in London in front of Buckingham Palace after Changing the Guard ceremony. We asked two constables to be on photos with us, surprisingly, they did not refuse, and Nastya got a photo with a British policeman, while Victor – with a policewoman.
After that owr collection of such photos was growing little by little as we were getting new photos with policemen from different countries. It became a sort of a hobby. Altough an unpleasant case with Italian (to be precise, Vatican) policemen restrained this hobby for a while.

Funny signs

Русская версия  Such signs are everywhere, especially in a new country. They astonish you or make you smile, even when you are tired or cold. Very often seeing such a sign one would think: why is it here, will anyone even consider doing what this sign prohibits. Many signs characterize local lifestyle, and are distinctive and unique, being used in one country only due to traditions or, for instance, climate. Here you will find our collection of such signs, we made photos of (not from the Internet). We will be glad to read your comments and ideas on them, as well as to see your pictures related.

Lux Express opened new direction: Helsinki

Русская версия   Lux Express are opening a new route between St. Petersburg – Helsinki. Starting from this June you have the opportunity to travel with our new comfortable 56-seat Lux Express coaches from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. Price starting from 16 EUR.

There will be 3 departures per day. Our first departure from St. Petersburg takes place on the 2nd of June at 13:30 and the first departure from Helsinki on the 2nd of June at 21:30.

Enter the promocode Helsinki while booking your ticket online