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Amsterdam: Red Light District

Русская версия   Victor already described some sights of Amsterdam and is now completing his report with the story about the Red Light District. This post is more of informative kind, not a photo report for various reasons. We still hope that it would be interesting and Victor was right making notes of the Red Light District stories during chilly October evening, instead of staring around 🙂

Warning! Reading further, you certify that you are over 18 years old. 

Muhammad Ali Center

Русская версия On June 3, 2016, Muhammad Ali, the famous athlete and a person of difficult fate died. Many of us have probably heard about Ali, but not so many heard about his life. Two years ago, Victor visited the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville (Kentucky), where one of the greatest boxer Cassius Marcellus Clay was born. Why he became Ali, what difficulties this famous person experienced, what was he doing when his career ended? Today we pay a tribute to this great Champion and try to answer these questions through a description of his museum.

Prague. Where to Drink Tasty Beer, Eat, and Ramble

Русская версия We now continue the story about Prague and this time Victor will advise where to drink fresh beer, eat tasty meal, and what to see in Prague without visiting numerous museums and monuments.

Manchester United: museum and stadium tour

Русская версия  Victor already talked about Manchester United football club, how to buy tickets for the match and how to get to the stadium. Today, he shares what he saw in the Museum of Manchester United and during a tour of Old Trafford.

Geothermal Power Plant „Mutnovskaya“ (Kamchatka)

Русская версия   Kamchatka is a unique region, famous for its wildlife. Volcanoes, hot natural springs, bears, ocean, fishing – all this fascinates and attracts tourists. One of our aims was also to visit geothermal power plant “Mutnovskaya”, which operates by volcanic activity. This time, Victor, as a power engineer, will tell how to get the permission for the visit and what you can see there.

Manchester United: visiting the matches

Русская версия  It is quite strange, that being a fan of Manchester United, Victor wrote about the Barcelona museum and Amsterdam Arena, but never told even a word about his favorite team. At the same time, Old Trafford was the first significant European stadium and football museum Victor visited in 2011. He managed to buy the match tickets, and the day after, visited the clubs museum. In 2012 he bought tickets again and took the Old Trafford tour. Today, he tells about Manchester United football club and gives some advice about trip organization.