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Iceland: 10 Major Impressions

Русская версия In August 2017, one of our travel dreams came true: we finally visited Iceland. We had been worried about high costs in this country, but at the same time, many of our acquaintances had visited it and gave some practical advice. As a result, we caught a relatively cheap flight to Reykjavik. We will share our itinerary and give some advice on how to organize a trip next time. Today we share our main impressions about Iceland and tell about the most interesting sights of this amazing country.

Karelia: Svyatozero Necklace

Русская версия After visiting Ladoga Lake surroundings including the marble factory, we continued travelling around Karelia to get acquainted with the ancient architecture of this area – the traditional villages which form the so-called Svyatozero necklace.
Svyatozero necklace

Jerusalem Old City

Русская версия Jerusalem Old City is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world hardly comparable to anything else due to its religious and historical importance for too many denominations and peoples. The Old City is the UNESCO site which includes Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quarters surrounded by the defensive walls. It may take weeks to explore the Old City, which is why we do not try to describe everything. We will rather concentrate on the sites central for every quarter, or must-sees.
Jerusalem Old City

12 Must-sees of Panama City

Русская версия Panama City is a gate to Central America, not only because of the Panama Canal. If you trip around Central America starts in Panama (like in our case), you will further see that Panama is very peculiar for the rest of Central America. For instance, in the same way as the whole region, Panama City is very dangerous in some areas and very safe in others. Also, as in other Central American regions, in Panama City you will fully feel what is called ‘pole-pole’ in Swahili: nobody is in a hurry, or, to make it clearer, everybody is late. This is not just the lack of rush, but ignoring any schedules and rules. Also, nobody will speak English to you, only, perhaps, at the Panama Canal – the most touristic place. This time we tell about the major sights of Panama defining the whole city.

Arshan (Baikal): The Guided Tour to the Sun Observatory and Extinct Volcanoes

Русская версия We are very far from being the fans of organized tours, especially after some unpleasant experiences, for instance, in Abkhazia and Zanzibar. This negative experiences, however, may be contested by the positive ones, such as tours in Kamchatka or Olkhon Island in Baikal. Similarly, the guided tour to Arshan (we walked around it on our own a lot too) also left us with great impressions we are going to share with you.
Tunkinskaya Valley

Chiang Rai (Mae Hong Son Loop, Northern Thailand)

Русская версия After fixing the hole in the bike wheel in Ban Tha Ton we made it to Chiang Rai without any other adventures or stops. We found the backpackers’ hostel Akha River House we had booked easily (it was really bad though) and faced a new problem: where to change the money? A tourist in Thailand should remember that you are charged 200 bahts every time when you use an ATM and you might want to avoid it. Yet, it was the 1st of January, the holiday. The hostel administrator recommended to try Plaza Mall for the currency exchange; by the way, the guide books seriously recommend this mall as one of the attractions in Thailand.
Chiang Rai