10 reasons to Go to the Azores (Portugal)

The Azores are just a stone throw from mainland Portugal (Lisbon), with very convenient and rather cheap TAP Portugal airline flying there. In this post, we give you ten reasons why, as a traveler, one should not overlook Azores and visit them for sure!
1. The Azores are a little Iceland, yet cheaper, and more comfortable to travel around.
Azores have the same amazing geothermal activity going on there, and is as green as Iceland is in summer, but much warmer (at any time of the year). So, you can bathe in hot springs and see fumaroles.

fumaroles on Azores

Imagine that this is a natural hot pool, just next to the ocean; it is hot enough and not wavy several hours a day, so you may chill there for free!
Azores hot springs in ocean

2. The Azores are also non-touristic Canary Islands: too many things reminded of Tenerife, except for no tourist crowds. In many ways, landscapes are similar, the weather is also changing, and you may enjoy multiple miradores—scenic spots—in both destinations.

ocean Azores

3. Just like in Tenerife, you may enjoy the view of ocean and cliffs. The ocean changes the color depending on the sun, and sometimes the ocean waves are so beautiful that you can watch them for hours.
miradores on Azores

4. In the Azores, enjoy agricultural tourism! Staying at local farms, visiting guided tours at cheese farms, pineapple and tea plantations are among many very affordable or sometimes free entertainment options!
pineapple farms on Azores

tea plantation on Azores

5. The main Azorean island, Sao Miguel, has several entertaining scientific centers, which are again very cheap to visit, but allow to learn a lot about volcanos, microbiology of geothermal areas, atmosphere, and science. They are truly interactive, for instance, in Observatory, you may bike to the Mercury (or any other planet), while in Expolab scientific center you may conduct experiments on your DNA!
scientific centers

Expolab Azores

These scientific centers deserve a separate blog post, and we will certainly tell more about them.
6. Just like Portugal, the Azores are quite religious, and you may find a unique Catholic church in every Azorean town.
Church Azores

At the time of our visit, in December, every town was also decorated with nativity scenes: very different settings for each town.
nativity scenes

nativity scenes

7. In Azores, make sure you also enjoy the local architecture, which is very different from that in Portugal. Every town has its own face:

You will enjoy walking around and looking at colorful houses, it is amazing what sense of color the locals have when painting their homes.
colourful houses on Azores

Don’t forget about mills and lighthouses: they are everywhere.
lighthouse on Azores

There are rarer instances of architecture though, such as this abandoned aqueduct.
old abandoned aqueduct

8. While the Azores are not known for their special animals, the flora compensates it all. Amazing flowers of all colors, trees you have never seen, all set at the beautiful background of green fields or blue ocean.
Azores flora

Azores flora

Azores flora

9. The Azores offer amazing hiking trails of different levels of complexity and with varied surrounding landscape. If you want to hike all the trails in Sao Miguel island, you will need a month or so!
hiking trails on Azores

hiking trails on Azores

10. Fruits, vegetables, cheese, wines—it will be so difficult to go back home from Azores, as its food is amazing. However, Azorean specials are seafood and steaks, known to be extremely good. We will dedicate a separate blog post to the list of the best Sao Miguel restaurants we have visited.
seafood on Azores

seafood on Azores

And a bonus: if you happen to be as fond of planes as Victor is, the airport in Sao Miguel has a great strategic location for watching the planes you may look from different points.
TAP airlines

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    The Azores looks like a wonderful place. I’ve been planning to move there and start a little homestead. Hopefully it will happen soon.


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