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About us, or Why Ants in Pants

Русская версия   Why Ants in Pants?

Because this is exactly the feeling Nastya has finding cheap tickets to… wherever. Then she calls Vitya who is busy with his studies. At first he tries to refuse, to go on studying, to be the only sober member of the family, but soon he catches ants as well. The tickets are bought, and the planning starts. Seeing how little time we have for the trip, and how much there is to visit, the ants gain strength, and we end up jumping from one place to another every day during the trip. Tired to death, we bring home thousands of pictures and plans for the next trip. But between the journeys we have little time to actually share our emotions from the visited countries with our friends and friends-to-be. That is why this blog has been created. We would like to share and promote places we’ve been to and loved to you. Also, preparing for the trips we often notice that in spite of the long-lasting existence of the Internet, many countries are still neglected, as a visitor encounters difficulties in planning the itinerary, choosing the places to visit, what transport to choose. That is why most of our posts will be very detailed – we would like to help!

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Русская версия   Our map. You can ask us about countries we’ve been to.

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