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How to get from Yerevan to Tbilisi

Русская версия   We have already mentioned how we got from Tbilisi to Yerevan, and here we will tell how to get back.
already came from Yerevan to Tbilisi

Kazbegi, Georgia

Русская версия   Mount Kazbek is famous due to Russian literature: schoolchildren in the Soviet Union and some post-Soviet countries learnt by heart poetic pieces by Jury Lermontov or read books by Ilf and Petrov, all describing Kazbek. To this well-known dormant stratovolcano and one of the major mountains of the Caucasus, we came from Gonio through Batumi, Tbilisi, by Georgian Military Road. Here we will tell about multiple sights and adventures we encountered on our way as well as about Stepantsminda – Georgian town (which used to be the village of Kazbegi) at the foot of Kazbek.


Русская версия   During our Gonio beach getaway, we wanted not only to enjoy the sea, but also to be entertained; for the entertainment, we went every day by marshrutka to Batumi.

Georgian Beach Getaway: Gonio

Русская версия   To relax a bit after a long travel around the Caucasus, from Mestia we went to Georgian seashore. Before the trip, we read a lot of reviews of different sea resorts, chose Gonio, and did not regret later. Today we will tell about Georgian Black Sea, sun, wine and, again, hospitality.


Ushguli – Svaneti mountain settmenent

Русская версия   Situated 2200 meters over the sea level, the Georgian settlement Ushguli is European highest permanent village after Kurush in Dagestan. It is separated from Mestia by about 30 kilometers and 3 hours driving on the terrible road, with the limited transportation available. But Ushguli landscape is worth that.

Mestia – the capital of mountainous Svaneti (Georgia)

Русская версия   After Gori, we went to Zugdidi by the night train, to get to Mestia from there. As soon as the train arrived, the crowds of those who were ready to take the travelers anywhere were there at the railway platform. Luckily, we found a marshrutka to Mestia at once (with a price of 20 laris per person). Since many people were going there, marshrutka started very soon, at 6.45. The trip took about 3 hours. Most of the road lied along very boisterous river.