How to get from Yerevan to Tbilisi

We have already mentioned how we got from Tbilisi to Yerevan, and here we will tell how to get back.

Trains from Yerevan to Tbilisi. Timetable for 2019

1. On even dates the train nr. 372 departs at 21.30, and arrives in Tbilisi at 7.50. Prices as follows:
common: 7680 – 8780 AMD ( around 16 EUR)
compartment: 12120 – 13260 AMD (around 24 EUR)
private compartment for 2 people: 17040 AMD (around 31 EUR)
*comission 2000AMD in case of e-ticket

2. In 2016 was the train 201, Batumi-Yerevan going through Tbilisi, and departing at 22.16. Right now there is no information about it. Ask at the ticket office or check on the official website of South Caucasian railroad The trains suit for those who is ready to pay a bit more and to spend night in the train (some people are just unable to sleep in the train). The prices range according to the type of carriages and seats.

Buses to Tbilisi
Several bus companies serve trips from Russia (Avazar bus, Arm0bus, Armtour). The timetable is the following (make sure you check it before the trip):
1.30-8.00 Mondays, Fridays
03.00-11.00 Saturdays
06.00-14.00 Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
8.00-15.00 Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
You may buy the tickets from these companies or at the bus stations. The disadvantage of the bus trip is in the gap between the buses: there is no any between 8.00 and 1.30.
Shared taxis from Yerevan to Tbilisi
For the price comparable to the train and bus, such taxis will drive you Tbilisi within 4-5 hours – the shortest trip if compared to other means of transportation. You may find them at the railway and bus stations, and they depart during the day as well (for example, we left at 14.20). The disadvantage is that you have to wait until the taxi is “filled” with people – we had to wait for about an hour. The variant of collective taxi suited to us as we wanted to visit the “Noah” brandy factory in Yerevan in the morning and then go ot Tbilisi. That is why here we will share our experience. There were 7 seats in the car, and it was quite new (it departed from the bus station). The border was not problematic at all: the border guards welcome you with “Hello, dear!” Having come to Tbilisi at about 19.30, we also had time to have dinner in Georgian café, and even were invited by the Georgians at the next table to join them. This is a usual thing in this hospitable country: they treated us to food and wine, played guitar and sang beautiful songs.


Also, this timing allowed us to spend some time with our host in Tbilisi – wonderful and charming couchsurfer Henrick, who was on the internship in Swedish embassy in Tbilisi, and before, it seems, had travelled most of the world.

So we suggest taxi in case you need to leave during the day, and do many useful things before and after.

In the morning we departed to Gori – Stalin’s birthplace.