10 Must-sees of Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv is a large city, for us mostly associated with heat (although it depends on when you visit it).

If you travel to Israel, you will fly in here, even in case your destination is Jerusalem or the Dead Sea. In this post, we tell about major sights of Tel-Aviv you should not miss.

1. Jaffa includes a lot of attractions: port, flea and regular markets, old town, interesting architecture, make-a-wish places. Read more on our special post on Jaffa.

2. Neve Tzedek neighborhood is just next to Tel Aviv downtown, and its tranquility is striking compared to the noisy busy streets. This was Tel Aviv’s first Jewish neighborhood, founded in 1887, and was pleasantly renovated to accommodate the nouveaux riches.
Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek

3. Shenkin Street is a shopping street, one of the few affordable shopping places in Tel-Aviv. You can find everything you need and do not need here.
Shenkin Street

4. Nachalat Binyamin is another outdoor pedestrian market, just next to Carmel Market.

5. Carmel Market is quite big, and is probably our favorite market in Tel-Aviv. You can find everything: food, clothes, souvenirs, Chinese goods for the lower prices compared to other places.
Carmel Market

Carmel Market

6. Dizengoff flea market is also special, just like Carmel, but, unlike Carmel, it mostly has used stuff. People come here to sell what they do not need or sell these needless things to the shops in the market which in turn sells it to other people.

7. Tired of markets? Head to the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, the home to the largest collection of Israeli Art. Highlights include van Gogh, Chagall, Kandinsky, and Picasso. Make sure you also visit the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem for more Israeli art.
Israeli Museum in Jerusalem

8. Charles Clore Park is a pleasant finish of your day, after lots of walk and shopping on the way to the beach.
Charles Clore Park

9. Hatachana is a former train station (near Charles Clore Park) on the Jaffa-Jerusalem line that operated from 1892, the first means of transportation to replace the camel for long distances. The Jaffa station operated on a regular basis almost to the eve of the War of Independence in 1948. Its territory has recently been turned into entertainment space remembering the former station, but also having lots of special shops and restaurants.


10. Hatachana is next to Alma Beach, probably the best beach in Tel-Aviv and the best way to finish your day there.
Alma Beach

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