Kazan – a City for Any Taste

Kazan is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cities in Russia. It includes a lot of history (being 1000 years old), culture, religion, and vivid alternative cultural life. All in all, it will suit the traveler of any interests. You should plan at least two days for Kazan!

Kazan Kremlin.

Every city has a kind of symbol for which all the tourists come. In fact, Kazan has several symbols like these. First of all, this is Kazan Kremlin – the most ancient part of Kazan, the residence of Kazan president and UNESCO heritage object.
Kazan Kremlin

The territory of Kazan Kremlin also includes another symbol of the city – the Qolşärif Mosque built in 2005 to recreate the legendary mosque of Khanate of Kazan which had been destroyed in 1552 during the storming of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible troops.
Qolşärif Mosque

Kazan Mosque

Kazan Mosque

Inside of the museum there is a small, but very curious museum of Islam culture.
museum of Islam culture

The observation points of Kremlin open up the views of the city and other less popular sights.
observation point

Just next to Kremlin there is National Art Gallery.

Make sure you visit the central pedestrian street Kazan Arbat, otherwise called Bauman Street.

Bauman Street

It includes lots of museum, cafes, and interesting sculptures. For instance, the Monument to Kazan Cat.
Kazan Cat

Other interesting places of Arbat are The House of Kazan Legends and Fairy Tales and the Museum of Illusions “The House of Giant”:
Museum of Illusions

Soviet Lifestyle Museum.

Yet, the most interesting is the nearby Soviet Lifestyle Museum. Although it is relatively small, it includes so many great exhibits, that you may well plan to spend at least three hours here.
Soviet Lifestyle Museum

Soviet Lifestyle

Soviet Museum

Soviet Lifestyle Museum

Soviet Lifestyle Museum

Our favorite exhibits are the tunic made of pioneer ties and leather jacket made of 120 covers for party membership cards.

A sort of hipster theme continues in the Center for Modern Culture Smena. We recommend to visit it for the events and even without them. There is a great bookshop placed here with an excellent collection of books.

These places are more than enough for the initial acquaintance with Kazan, then you may decide to visit Sviyazhsk by the steamboat through the Volga River, take a bus to Yoshkar-Ola or Cheboksary.

The last but not the least question is where to eat in Kazan?

First and foremost, we recommend the canteen of Treasury (Pravo-Bulachnaya Str. 5). It does not have any signs and you can enter it through the entrance of city Treasury without any problems. The canteen boasts of authentic Tatar food without the bombast of the tourist restaurants.
authentic Tatar food

Gastrobar Kvartira 63 (Bolshaya Krasnaya Street 63) offers lazy branches till 16.00 food and cocktail bar after. Café Piter (Peterburgskaya Street 25) advertises itself as a democratic and liberal space where one may play board games and read books.

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