Ometepe Island in Nicaragua: What to Do Here

We have already told our story about the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua and our misfortunes with the ferry there. This time, we tell how we spent time there and what interesting things are available at the island.


We traveled around the island for two days: one day by bike and the other day by bus. The traffic here is not very intensive, it’s not like Vietnam for sure, so don’t be afraid to ride. Unfortunately, some roads are not good enough, which is especially true about the roads around volcano Maderas. After Santa Cruz, the road is drivable for about half an hour, then it gets worse due to lots of stones. A motorcycle would be much better here, but a small scooter.
Before turning back, we met a family of monkeys that made strange and creepy sounds.
family of monkeys

The road to the northern part of the island around Concepcion volcano is also not the best. It essentially ends after Altagracia.


Initially, we had plans to visit one of the museums. There are two of them here: historical and numismatic, but each costs $ 5, which seemed a little expensive for the tiny museum houses. However, we had a great time when visiting the Charco Verde Park. To find the hiking trail, you need to turn from the main road towards the Charco Verde Hotel (11.480255, -85.635144). The hiking trail starts after the butterfly garden.
butterfly garden

In addition to butterflies, there is a track with one mirador and one beach. The route is easy, it has good signs and takes around 1.5 hours in a leisurely pace.
Charco Verde Park

Charco Verde Park

Here we saw different birds, parrots and even a monkey.
Ometepe birdwatching


Ojo de Agua is another place definitely worth a visit. This is a natural pool with clear water, changing cabins, tables and cafe. The pool has two parts: a deeper one (180 cm) and a shallower one for kids. It is very pleasant to relax in the shade next to the pool.
Ojo de Agua

Ojo de Agua

We traveled here by bus to Santa Cruz, and it takes two and a half kilometers to walk from Santa Cruz. to the Ojo de Agua. According to the information we got from locals, the buses leave back after lunch as follows: 13.10, 14.20, 15.30, and the last one at 16.40. We took the last one, which came a little earlier. Altgrasia turned out to be a village, although there is another museum here.

We also arrived here by bus and our goal was the Playa la Silvestre beach. It seemed easy to get here, according to GPS navigator. However, we had to walk through the village and encountered some unpleasant attention signs. It started with macho who tried to whistle to Nastya. Then we came across a company of young people who also expressed their strange curiosity. In the end, we found ourselves in the bushes next to fences. We decided to turn back and did not reach our final destination.

There are also tours for climbing volcanoes available, but we did opt for this. Firstly, we did not plan to stay at the island for too long. Secondly, we wanted to relax a little. As it turned out, we made a right decision. On the way back to the mainland, on the boat, we talked with other tourists, and they showed scratches on their feet to us. Due to the rain, tracks were not in very good condition: dirty and slippery. But you can always try 🙂

Do not miss on the road

The airport runway that crosses the regular road. When planes land, the road is closed. But most importantly the runway provides a great view of the Conception volcano.
airport Ometepe

Conception volcano

As usually, we were not able to drive past the cemetery.
Nicaraguan cemetery

On the way to Santa Cruz, you can stop at a small beach with black sand. On this day, strong wind was blowing, which made this place really picturesque.
black sand beach

black sand beach

Between the volcanoes, drop by the small café called Quatros Esquinos or Derek. They serve wonderful fresh juice and cheap food. The cafe is located near the Entre dos picos Hotel (11.529174, -85.573944).
food on Ometepe

And of course, embrace the local spirit. We watched people relaxing during siesta and preparing for a rodeo.

Local rodeo

We also managed to add a photo with a policeman to our collection, watch a baseball game, and simply admire nature and relax.
baseball game

Nicaraguan police

a pig

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