One Day in Munich

What to see in a huge city so that to visit attractions, to walk, to learn something new, and to eat well? Here we tell what we managed to see and do in Munich in one day.

Of course, we started with eating. Not far from the city center there is a great bakery Bäckerei Kistenpfennig (Fritz-Meyer-Weg, 46) with breakfasts. A picture is worth a thousand words.
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In front of the bakery there is a house, which was once built as a hotel for Munich Olympic Games. It was not finished on time and became a block of flats – with a bad reputation though; it is notorious for selling drugs and other illegal activities. At the same time, the district is very peaceful: in Munich they try to settle together locals and immigrants, the rich and the poor, so Munich does not have really dangerous districts.
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After loafs and rolls you can take a walk in a nearby park.
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Parks are numerous in Munich, it is sometimes hard to believe that this is a big city.
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After, we went to the city center. The transport tickets in Munich are very expensive, e.g. it costs 11 euros per person to get to the airport. Although, if you buy a daily group ticket (from 2 to 5 people), it is a bit cheaper.
The Old City Arch:
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Not far from the Arch there is a fountain with a sculpture depicting a disgusting bureaucrat:
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If you walk out from the old city, there is a BMW Pavilion really close (at the crossroads of Herzog-Max-strasse and Maxburgstrasse). There you can learn more about the car materials and production, sit in the fancy cars, and even take part in the lottery to win a new BMW.
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In front of the Pavilion, there is a former Jewish Quarters:
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One can walk the main street of Munich Old City, all the time checking small churches, attactions, and cafes.
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Nevertheless, the best church we liked – St. Johann Nepomuk Kirche (Sendlinger Straße 32) – is a bit out of the Old Town center.
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The main street of the Old City leads to the Town Hall Square:
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The dragon on the Town Hall symbolizes plague, the epidemics of which once killed considerable part of Munich population.
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One of unusual places in Munich is the man-made river Eisbach, only two kilometres long. This is a favourite place for surfers.
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By the way, even policemen in Munich are very friendly.
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Near to Eisbach there is English Park with Japanese garden, where tea ceremonies are held.


Not far from the Japanese garden there is a Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm, Englischer Garten 3) with Biergarten. Here you can eat and drink, and get a souvenir beer glass for one euro only.


Munich is of course famous for Neuschwanstein Castle situated not far from the city, but there are many more castes within the city limits too.
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One of them, Schlosswirtschaft zur Schwaige (Schloß Nymphenburg 30), is outside the center, and we recommend to visit it just for a walk: the entrance to the castle is quite expensive, while visiting its park is free.
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To finish the day in Munich, we recommend trying Bavarian food in one of the biergartens. We chose Augustiner in the Old Town. By the way, the food is so heavy and greasy that some may consider ordering one portion for two people.
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Great thanks to Ryta and Ralf for this wonderful day!

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