Everglades National Park

Safari in Everglades National Park (Florida)

It is incredible that just an hour from the concrete jungle of Miami by car in Florida there is a plot of wild nature – Everglades National Park. Even though the human presence is too obvious here, unusual pastime is guaranteed!

How to arrage safari.

A tourist may visit the park in a number of different ways: walking on the bogs and trails, riding canoes and bicycles. This happens really rarely, but visiting Everglades, Nastya chose a simpler and a more tourist way – the safari. Any hotel in Miami has an abundance of commercials about going for safari in Everglades, you just need to call them or ask your receptionist to call. The trip includes transfer, safari, and a small show at the price of about 55 dollars for the 5-hour trip.
[notification type=”info”]Make sure that you have mosquito spray, sunscreen and a hat with you![/notification]
The tour companies organizing safari will pick you up at your place and drive to the park. Even before the park there is a channel along the road, where one may see alligators if lucky, if not – birds will be still there.
Crocodiles near the road

The bus will bring you to the airboat – and here the adventure starts! You will drive by the bog: the boat allows to slide over the grass and water equally.


And here comes the first luck – the great blue heron. You may get really close.
great blue heron

great blue heron

The guide sits on the top of the boat so that to find more treats for you.
Alligators Safari

Here comes the first alligator: it is taking the sunbathes which is essential to digest consumed food.
Alligator in Everglades National Park

One of the major plants at the bog is the saw grass. Really sharp!
Everglades National Park

In the meantime, another alligator shows up.
Everglades National Park

Just opposite to it, its friend is yawning.
yawning alligator

Performance after safari.

Yet, the trip does not finish with the water safari. Next comes the performance telling a lot about alligators and other dwellers of the park.
Performance after safari

Performance after safari

Performance after safari

Performance after safari

Performance after safari

Performance after safari

You may even kiss the princess. Or the prince?
Frog princess

The organizers of the performance are very creative: this is how they urge you against approaching the alligators.
Be careful with alligator

Even though the whole show seems to be more of the zoo/circus style, the organizers certainly make sure that the audience learns more about the animal world and human violence. For instance, they tell the story about Burmese pythons which are getting extinct because of their unusually beautiful skin: too many hunters want it.
everglades national park

One may say that the experience is too touristic, and it is hard to argue. Yet, for those in favor of light and cheerful experience like a boat ride and other elements of comfort will certainly enjoy it. If not, there is always a possibility to explore the park trails on your own.

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