El medano

Tenerife. El Medano beach. Candelaria. La Laguna. Anaga mountains. Day 4

On this day we were finally lucky with the weather after visit of Masca village, that is why we went to the beach El Medano, choosing it because it was not far from out hotel, and we had our faithful car with us. After the beach we went to the small but cute towns of Candelaria, La Laguna and to the mountains Anaga.
To be honest, the water in the ocean (especially in the morning) was quite chilly, and it took some time to get used to its temperature.


After swimming in the ocean a bit, we drove along the southern coast towards the capital. Wind turbines are everywhere there!

On our way, we stopped in Candelaria, a town with its own sights to see.

Nine monuments to menceys – the kings of local indigenous Guanches people who lived here before the islands were conquered by the Spanish, and Guanches simply died out.

Saint Mary of Candelaria Basilica– is the most widely known sacred place of the islands. The statue (its copy to be precise) of the patroness of the Canarian Islands is kept here. According to the legend, the statue was brought here with the ocean, that is how Guanches found it. Unfortunately, Basilica was closed:

La Laguna town was the next. Here we encountered siesta for the first time (the shops were closed during the day), while some body wanted to shop desperately.

Thatis why we just walked along the old streets:

But the way, finding parking lot in this town was very difficult, another frequent problem is many one-way roads. That is why we remembered this town for quite some time 🙂
We planned visiting of scenic view points of Las Mercedes and Anaga for the end of this day. Bytheway, in La Laguna tourist information center, they gave one of the most excellent map of Tenerife, with lots of small roads and road junctions on it.
If you are inTenerife, the car is indeed essential. Driving is also very interesting and each road is quite unique. Perhaps, because there are not so many of them.

More fascinating views:


The higher – the gloomier…

And then it got even higher 🙂 It is a pity that there are no gudgets to delivere motions you get in your trips. Panoramic views were not in fashion then. These are only few photos:






Having travelled a lot and taken a lot pictures, we went back home. That i show one more Tenerife day went, giving good weather and bright impressions to us. The next day was the opposite…

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