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Sremski Karlovci, A Day Trip from Belgrade

Русская версия If you saw more than enough of classic and alternative Belgrade, take a day to see something beyond it. Many head to Novy Sad, which is very nice, but there is also a town of Sremski Karlovci really close to both Belgrade and Novi Sad (reachable by train) which is not less rewarding than any of these big cities.
Sremski Karlovci

Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design

Русская версия The design is probably what Sweden is mostly known for – from Scandinavian design in general to Ikea in particular. To learn about Swedish design, we set off the Swedish Center for Architecture and Design neighboring the Modern Museum and indeed learned even more than we expected. The Center does not have an entrance fee which is why the experience is even more precious.
Swedish Center for Architecture and Design

Getting to Know Lisbon, or What we learned from Lisbon Free Tours

Русская версия On our very first day in Lisbon we decided to start with the free city tour. Such tours exist in most European capitals (read about our experience here), and once we published the post on how to get to a free tour and what to expect from it. Due to the high demand, there is a huge number of companies offering free tours and the competition is quite serious. We assume that is why most of them might be as good as our tour guide Fred from New Lisbon Tours, although he was more than perfect (so why risk?).
Lisbon Free Tours

Iceland: 10 Major Impressions

Русская версия In August 2017, one of our travel dreams came true: we finally visited Iceland. We had been worried about high costs in this country, but at the same time, many of our acquaintances had visited it and gave some practical advice. As a result, we caught a relatively cheap flight to Reykjavik. We will share our itinerary and give some advice on how to organize a trip next time. Today we share our main impressions about Iceland and tell about the most interesting sights of this amazing country.

Israel: 10 Major Impressions

Русская версия After spending two weeks on Israel we are willing to share major impressions from the country with you!

Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia

Русская версия We have already written about the unusual places around Tallinn, and Patarei prison. Today we continue to tell about Estonia. Most of people coming to Estonia visit at least Tallinn or Tartu. A rarer tourist gets to Estonian town of SPAs – Pärnu. Perhaps, after our story Estonia will become even more attractive for you.
We visited this nice town in October. Despite the fact that it was already quite chilly, we still enjoyed the fresh air, had a great walk, and also visited the water center.
parnu graffity