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New Year in Kampala (Uganda)

Русская версия Our today’s post is going to be brief, but priceless! For a couple of years by now we have been trying to avoid making a decision on where, how, and with whom we should celebrate New Year, which salads to cook and outfits to wear. The New Year 2015 became the first celebration of this kind: we spent it in Africa, the capital of Uganda – Kampala.
New Year in Africa

Langar – Alichur – Murgab – Osh (Pamir): The Border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Русская версия As we have already mentioned the transport infrastructure in Pamir is not really developed. Perhaps, the most complicated section which almost every tourist has to cover (unless he or she travels by plane from and to Dushanbe and avoids seeing Kyrgyzstan) is a road from Pamir to Osh (Kyrgyzstan). To cover it you will have to go through Murgab – the district capital of the highest altitude out of all post-Soviet countries; at the same time this is the capital of the largest yet the least densely populated district of Tajikistan. If you manage to find transport to cover this way, you will not regret: the road is really wild and different from what you see in central Pamir.
Pamir Mountains

Around Kabale (Uganda): Lake Bunyonyi, Punishment Island, Smiths, Healers, Pygmies and many other interesting encounters

Русская версия This day became perhaps one of the most memorable in our African trip. After crossing the border between Rwanda and Uganda we got to Kabale and planned a one-day guided trip on the hilly part of Western Uganda towards lake Bunyonyi. On the same day without planning it, we also went to see Pygmies by the motorboat.

Vrang – Langar (Vakhan Valley, Pamir, Tajikistan): The Buddhist Stupa, Petroglyphs, and Amazing Pamir Hospitality

Русская версия After several days travelling in Pamir, this time we only had to cover 15-20 kilometres from Tuggoz to Vrang: a small distance compared to the previous ones and taking into account the previous difficulties with transport.

Hitch-hiking at Pamir

We started to walk, yet, trying to hitchhike. The first driver offered the price of 80 somonis (10 dollars), the second – 150 somonis, and we were very much surprised: how the people giving away their last food for the guests ask for such large sums from the fellow travellers. After all, giving a ride in the direction you are driving to is easier that providing with food and shelter. Two other cars were full, and when we only had 8 kilometres left to walk, a 4WD stopped to offer a free ride to us. To our surprise, he turned out to be a Dushanbe taxi driver, driving us for free. Moreover, it turned out that he was a nephew of the cousin of the physical education teacher who had treated as with tea several hours before in Yamchun. The driver drove us to his aunt’s house where we were offered a lodging.
stay at Pamir

Da Lat – Postcolonial Vietnamese City on the Hills

Русская версия In case you suppose that Vietnam is all about Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, you are very wrong! Our favourite province in Vietnam is Dak Lak (having very few tourists, but a lot to see), yet, our next destination – Da Lat – also became a pleasant surprise.

Wakhan Valley: Yamchun Fortress and Bibi Fatima Hot Springs (Pamir, Tajikistan)

Русская версия Having spent a day and a night in Tuggoz, in the morning we started looking for the transport to Yamchun fortress and Bibi Fatima hot springs, encountered the inadequate prices for getting there by local cars and decided to go on foot. It was 7-8 kilometer walk up to the mountains, the only trouble was the hot sun, but we were not afraid of difficulties.
Wakhan Valley