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Kigali: the genocide story of Rwanda

Русская версия Going to Rwanda, we were quite scared. Only 20 years before 500000 to 1000000 people were killed due to genocide here, and neither Europe nor the US could stop the violence. Entering the country, we were feeling pressure, similar to what we had felt in Burundi.
How to get to Rwanda

Seili Island, Finland

Русская версия The island of Seili in the Archipelago Sea is off the south west coast of Finland. Seili is worth visiting not only for its unique nature, biology research station, traditional Finnish food and sauna: the place is known for its gloomy history of a leper colony and a lunatic asylym.
Archipelago Sea

Khorog, the capital of Pamir (Tajikistan)

Русская версия Let’s imagine that having some basic idea about Pamir and the permit to enter it, you found the way to get there too. In this case, you will start your acquaintance with this part of Tajikistan with the region capital, Khorog. Most probably you will reach it late in the evening and discover unusual landscapes only in the morning… and many tourists too.
View of Khorog

Cowboy Town Guthrie (Oklahoma)

Русская версия In our trip around the Great Plains and Midwest, it was Oklahoma, where we learned about Cowboy culture most. In Oklahoma, we visited Cowboy museum and the town of Guthrie, where cowboys still live and follow their traditional way of life, conducting rodeo contests and cowboy poetry festivals. Moreover, the town has many Victorian buildings well-preserved, and that is why we recommend to visit it too.

Dak Lak Province – Our Favourite Region in Vietnam. Part 1. Taming the Bike

Русская версия Would you like to see real Vietnam, not some resort like Nha Trang? Would you like to see how people live there, what is a Vietnamese village or even a Vietnamese wedding, to learn to communicate without any common language? Then you should visit Dak Lak province and its capital Buon Ma Thuot. We loved this place in Vietnam most, although we spent only two days there. Within this time, we managed to visit Buon Ma Thuot per se and a nearby waterfall, this story is dedicated to; a separate story will come out on visiting the elephant hunters village too.

Myanmar: 10 Major Impressions, Our Route and Tips

Русская версия We spent only 5 days in Myanmar, and we are very sad about it: we should have taken more from our trip around Thailand. Myanmar is really great, not spoilt with tourists yet, very friendly and unusual. Further we will tell about those things which impressed us most in this country.
Myanmar. Jangon streets