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Gisenyi (Rwanda) – the town on Kivu Lake

Русская версия We came to Gisenyi from the capital of Rwanda Kigali, and although the trip takes only several hours, we managed to have another adventure by African transport. In one of the villages on the way some child threw a stone into the bus and broke the bus front window. The local investigation began, because of which we arrived in Gisenyi rather late and started to take pictures only in the morning.

Dak Lak Province – Our Favourite Region in Vietnam. Part 2. Buon Don, the village of elephant hunters

Русская версия After the first day in Dak Lak province, having tamed the bike and visited the Gia Long waterfall, on the second day we took off to visit Buon Duon village, famous for its elephant hunters and unusual graveyard where the greatest hunters are being buried. We drove there by bike again and in the village had a ride on the elephant’s back.
elephant’s village

Wakhan Valley: Ishkashim – Tuggoz (Pamir, Tajikistan)

Русская версия After visiting the capital of Pamir Khorog, we decided to see mountain villages and different people inhabiting them and to move towards Kirgyzstan little by little. For this, we had to drive through the picturesque Wakhan Valley stretching along the Panj river and dividing Tajikistan from Afghanistan. This place and its people are unique. They mostly speak Wakhan language (also widespread in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China), but also know Russia and Tajik. In addition, there are many other minor languages here: not far from Ishkashim there is a village of Ryn, the only place in the world where Ryn language is spoken.
In the early morning we took a collective taxi from Khorog to Ishkashim.
 taxi from Khorog to Ishkashim

Spring is coming to Estonia, or 5 unusual places you can visit near Tallinn in one day

Русская версия Unfortunately, so far we did not have any stories about the country where we have been living for five years – Estonia. Today we will write about the weekend, when spring finally came to Estonia, and we made a day trip in the area surrounding Tallinn.

Macau: 10 Major Sights

Русская версия We have already written a detailed story about Macau churches and temples of different religions. Today we will share the list of major secular must-see places of Macau.
Saint Paul’s church

1. Ruins of Saint Paul’s church

destroyed during the fire on 1835 became non-religious place and the city dominant long ago, attracting lots of tourists. By today, only the façade has been preserved, combining together the eastern and the western baroque elements.

Extended Mae Hong Son Loop (Thailand). 1400 km by bike: detailed description and tips

Русская версия One of the main attractions in the Northern Thailand is a motorcycling Mae Hong Son Loop. The road runs through the main towns of the province Mae Hong Son – Mae Sariang and Pai, and usually starts from Chiang Mai. This city has an international airport as well as many companies renting out motorbikes and motorcycles. The 600 km path with 1864 curves brings about a lot of adventures. Mae Hong Son attracts tourists not only for sightseeing: for experienced drivers this is the opportunity to drive on the mountain roads.
Mae Hong Son Loop by bike