Malta: 10 Major Impressions

This is what we saw and learned it 6 days in Malta in low season (January).

1. Unless you are interested in beaches, 3-4 days are more than enough for visiting Malta, especially if you take a car. Two main islands are really small; it took less than a day for us to explore half of the main Island by car. It is more difficult by bus, however.

2. Although both buses and their timetable exist in Malta, they are very user-unfriendly. They come too late and too early, and given that some buses circulate every hour, once you are late, you have to wait for a long time.
transport in Malta

3. Because of this we advise to rent a car, however, we advise to be careful with companies, terms, and conditions. For instance, we book the car from a broker with 500 euros deposit, however, the rental company tried to block 900 euros from our card. Many companies have different insurance conditions in the contract and once you arrive. After all, we rented a car from Surprice, and despite negative reviews on the Internet, they appeared to be much nicer than well-promoted Budget.
rent a car in Malta

4. Driving in Malta requires some skill. First, it is left-side, which you have to get used to. Second, the roads are not too good, and very often locals drive in the middle of the road. Given that you are not used to this kind of roads and do not feel the left side of the car, you do not feel the side of the road. All, in all, be patient.
Driving in Malta

5. Malta is very sunny. Perhaps, it is not the island of eternal spring like Tenerife, but it may be way warmer and sunnier than Tenerife with less wind and precipitation. Even in January make sure you bring your sunglasses and sunscreen.
weather in Malta

6. The sea in Malta is clear, of beautiful color and with great beaches. Even in winter it is so obvious that the beaches are sandy and accessible and the infrastructure around them is very good.
sea in Malta

7. Maltese cuisine is almost non-existent. The guide books advise to try pastizzi (pastries), and indeed they are plenty, although they are something you have tried before for sure.

Maltese cuisine

Other dishes, such as rabbit stew, are not something Maltese people eat. So, what do they eat?

8. A lot of Italian and English food. Pizza, pasta, and English breakfast are everywhere. We went to the second best foodplace in Malta according to tripadvisor, Made in Sud, and although it was very nice, the pizza was nothing outstanding. We have tried much better pizza, not necessarily in Italy. Pizza in other places was a lot worse. Yet, pasta with seafood in Gozo island was great.
Maltese cuisine

9. English influence is immense in Malta. For instance, their English sounds much more British than English of many Brits. Also, in addition to left-side traffic and English breakfast, you can see people reading English newspapers, like “The Sun” everywhere in the morning.
English influence

10. Several travelers on our way defined Malta similarly, “It seems that this is a European country in which the time has stopped”. Indeed, there are many historical places, wonderful palaces, castles and old towns, and very few shopping malls and business cities. Malta will be a great fun for architecture, history, and knights buffs, which we are not and which is why, perhaps, it did not become our favorite country.
Malta impressions

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