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Tenerife. Monkey Park and Paisaje Lunar. Day 1-2

Русская версия   On the arrival in Tenerife (how we got there), we were shocked by its weather. Tenerife is considered to be an island of eternal spring, probably, Estonian in our case:

Khor Virap – Tatev (Armenia): how we became hitchhikers, but remained cowards

Русская версия   We came to Yerevan by train from Tbilisi, the weather was rainy 🙁

from Tbilisi to Yerevan

Unclaimed Baggage Center (Scottsboro) or What happens to a luggage if you lost it

Русская версия   Those who often fly will understand this feeling: every time you have to check in your luggage, you are anxious. It is because airlines lose them too often, they do not see a great trouble in it, and sometimes even don’t apologies. It first happened to Nastya on a flight between Warsaw and Helsinki: on arrival she found herself without a suitcase Airberlin lost, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with a laptop, documents, and (thankfully) money only. It happened just before the conference, and I had to rush to buy something to wear, a toothbrush, etc. Airberlin reimbursed all these expenses and brought my suitcase to the hotel in 2 days, but since then I tried not to check in my luggage, or check in only those things which I won’t need within 2-3 days.  When living and travelling in the US, things were much worse, since half of my trips ended up with the lost luggage. They used to bring it home with a courier the same or the next day (it seems that courier service for them is cheaper than to organize proper luggage delivery), but before the suitcases arrived I used to worry. Even if you try to travel with your hand luggage only, you won’t be very successful: they force you to check it in at the gate, since the luggage compartments are to small. You try to persuade them, explaining how many times your luggage was lost, but fail, and your luggage is lost again. Only backpacks (not too large) are safe in this case.  To my knowledge, it does not depend on airlines, it happens at all flights and causes troubles. For example, our friends once flew to Utah for a long hike, but on the arrival did not find their luggage with all equipment. Their suitcases arrived only several days later and it wasted a lot of their time. Nobody cares and nobody will reimburse anything. This negligence is quite surprising, taking into account quite high prices on the US airlines (compared to Europe).

3-day cruise from Riga to Stockholm from 28,5 euros per person

Русская версия Baltic cruise company Tallink offers excellent prices for cruises from Riga to Stockholm, from 28,50 euros per person. Buying the Club One card (for 3 euros) opens up this possibility as well as many other discounts.
The tickets must be booked fro 02.06.2014 to 08.06.2014 and these prices are available for the cruises from 26.06. to 09.08.2014.

Airbaltic summer sale – this night only!

Русская версия If you haven’t planned you summer holiday yet, it is high time to plan. Airbaltic announces summer sale this night only!
Book: June 5, 16:00 – June 6, 09:00
Travel: July 1 – August 31
cherry night

What to see in Virginia

Русская версия   Virginia is a place where the US as we imagine it now started: it became the first permanent New World English colonies. It is also called Old Dominion even now due to its status as a former dominion of the English. Moreover, it is often called Mother of Presidents as a state where most of American presidents were born. Current touristic motto of the state is “Virginia Is For Lovers”, not quite clear why: maybe since Virginia with its beaches is a great getaway for couples. Although these are not only beaches which fascinate visitors: Virginia is reach in mountains, museums, and oldest cities. Due to its great history, Virginia is an important place to learn about the country’s past and present. Also, it is a Mecca for those interested in air, space, marine ship industries.