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Funny signs

Русская версия  Such signs are everywhere, especially in a new country. They astonish you or make you smile, even when you are tired or cold. Very often seeing such a sign one would think: why is it here, will anyone even consider doing what this sign prohibits. Many signs characterize local lifestyle, and are distinctive and unique, being used in one country only due to traditions or, for instance, climate. Here you will find our collection of such signs, we made photos of (not from the Internet). We will be glad to read your comments and ideas on them, as well as to see your pictures related.

Lux Express opened new direction: Helsinki

Русская версия   Lux Express are opening a new route between St. Petersburg – Helsinki. Starting from this June you have the opportunity to travel with our new comfortable 56-seat Lux Express coaches from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. Price starting from 16 EUR.

There will be 3 departures per day. Our first departure from St. Petersburg takes place on the 2nd of June at 13:30 and the first departure from Helsinki on the 2nd of June at 21:30.

Enter the promocode Helsinki while booking your ticket online


Saturday in Hocking Hills

Русская версия   This time we came to the US for two months at the beginning of March. It was so cold that we almost did not travel and concentrated on studies. We undertook our first trip only in the middle of March, and went to Hocking Hills – a state park an hour and a half away from Columbus. You can reach it only by car, as it usually happens in the US. The day was sunny, although a day before wind had broken several trees next to our house:

Baku side trips: Gobustan and mud volcanoes (Azerbaijan, intermediate level)

Русская версия   Early in the morning, we departed from Baku where we spent our first day in Azerbaijan for Gobustan to see a Unesco World Heritage Site – national park famous for its Rock Art and nearby mud volcanoes. First you have to reach the bus station at the 20th of January (str.?) (by marshrutka nr. 29). Then take a bus to Gobustan and ask the bus driver to stop you there; this trip takes less than an hour. The bus stops in the middle of nowhere, but you will be immediately met by numerous taxi drivers. Our taxi driver wanted 45 manats to get us to both Gobustan and volcanoes, but we bargained it to 25 (how naïve we were!). Unfortunately, taxi is the only way to get to the destination. You might try to get to Gobustan by hitch-hiking, but don’t hope to get to mud volcanoes in such a way, there is hardly any road and these are only tourists who go there.

Airbaltic Summer Sale

Русская версия   We are not really fond of Airbaltic, but it is one of the rare companies which announces sales for summer.

Travelling from May, 1 to October, 31

Selling till March, 27

Baku – Yanar Dag, or Azerbaijan for beginners

Русская версия   The night plane from Riga arrived in Baku at 5.30, and that is how our trip around Caucasus started.

airport Baku