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Kamchatka Krai

Horse Riding around Esso (Kamchatka)

Русская версия It has been almost two years since we visited Kamchatka, and we still cannot help talking about it all the time. Perhaps, this is the most cosmic place out of all places we have seen. Today, we are publishing our final story – on the horse riding around the town of Esso, towards the lake Ikar.
River valley


Русская версия You may easily spend a month in Kamchatka without seeing all you want: there is too much to see! Yet, the place to start with is always its capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and its surroundings. Then you may go to Esso, Tolbachik volcano, Mutnovsky volcano, or Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant.
flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Tolbachik Volcano (Kamchatka). Part 3: After the Eruptions

Русская версия Ascending Tolbachik volcano, we saw the consequences of its eruption – the hardened lava fields at its foot. Yet, despite the widespread opinion, a volcano eruption is not just the lava flowing out of the crater. The eruption may be seen and heard hundreds of kilometres beyond the crater, in the most unexpected places and not only in the form of lava.

Tolbachik Volcano (Kamchatka). Part 2: Ascending the Crater

Русская версия   The next morning after the 10-hour trip to the foot of Tolbachik volcano we had its conquering planned. However, man proposes, but mountain disposes…

Tolbachik Volcano (Kamchatka). Part I: How to Get There

Русская версия   Along with Mutnovsky, Kamchatka is a home to 160 volcanoes; 29 of them are active. Recently, in 2012, Tolbachik volcano erupted in Kamchatka, and in 2014 it was still possible to fry eggs on its lava. When we visited Tolbachik in 2015, we did not fry eggs, but it was still possible to set sticks on fire putting them into the ground holes. This is the first part of the story about our trip to Tolbachik – one of the most wonderful landscapes we have ever seen.Tolbachik volcano

Geothermal Power Plant „Mutnovskaya“ (Kamchatka)

Русская версия   Kamchatka is a unique region, famous for its wildlife. Volcanoes, hot natural springs, bears, ocean, fishing – all this fascinates and attracts tourists. One of our aims was also to visit geothermal power plant “Mutnovskaya”, which operates by volcanic activity. This time, Victor, as a power engineer, will tell how to get the permission for the visit and what you can see there.