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Miami: Historic Overtown and Coconut Grove

Русская версия If you already saw Downtown Miami and Miami Beach, Little Haiti, Little Havana, and Everglades National Park, make sure you do not miss two other less popular neighborhoods – Historic Overtown and Coconut Grove.
Miami sightseing

Central America: 10 Major Impressions

Русская версия We have just come back from six countries of Central America and want to share the main impressions from them. Undoubtedly, the countries are very different. Panama and Costa-Rica are quite rich, safe (this does not always apply to Panama) and expensive. El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are much more frightening and you must be careful travelling there, but these countries are especially charming and not spoilt by tourists. Locals are very enthusiastic and friendly with those few travelers who come to these countries (extremely few tourists come to El Salvador and Honduras). Nicaragua is a golden mean: there is a lot to see there, yet, without tourist crowds. Just to compare: entrance fee to the territory of volcanoes Masaya in Nicaragua and Poas in Costa Rica are 3 and 15 dollars correspondingly. Meanwhile, both volcanoes provide excellent views.
Masaya volcano

Miami: Design District, Wynwood, Little Haiti, and Little Havana

Русская версия Miami is a true melting pot, which is why its historical ethnic districts are among the musts to see. After making your first impressions of Miami, make sure you visit Little Haiti and Havana districts as well as Design District and Wynwood just next to Little Haiti neighborhood.

Miami for Beginners, Including Miami Beach

Русская версия Miami does not sound like a cheap destination, but with its free transportion and places to visit, it is actually very suitable for tourism on a budget. Miami is very tourist-friendly, which means you may see a lot of things on your own without investing many resources. There is a lot to see: Miami beach, downtown, skyscrapers, ocean, ethnic neighborhoods, museums… Everyone may find something interesting.

Safari in Everglades National Park (Florida)

Русская версия It is incredible that just an hour from the concrete jungle of Miami by car in Florida there is a plot of wild nature – Everglades National Park. Even though the human presence is too obvious here, unusual pastime is guaranteed!
Everglades National Park

Halloween in American Way: Our Memoirs and Ideas for Costumes

Русская версия Before Halloween, we decided to tell about one of our major impressions from being in the US. Many readers know that we did not only travel there, but also lived and studied for two semesters in Columbus, Ohio. Then, in 2013, Columbus was hosting one of the largest Halloween High Balls in the country. They closed the whole street so that it could be used by pedestrians only, and there were crowds of participants (about 25000).