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Miami for Beginners, Including Miami Beach

Русская версия Miami does not sound like a cheap destination, but with its free transportion and places to visit, it is actually very suitable for tourism on a budget. Miami is very tourist-friendly, which means you may see a lot of things on your own without investing many resources. There is a lot to see: Miami beach, downtown, skyscrapers, ocean, ethnic neighborhoods, museums… Everyone may find something interesting.

Macau: 10 Major Sights

Русская версия We have already written a detailed story about Macau churches and temples of different religions. Today we will share the list of major secular must-see places of Macau.
Saint Paul’s church

1. Ruins of Saint Paul’s church

destroyed during the fire on 1835 became non-religious place and the city dominant long ago, attracting lots of tourists. By today, only the façade has been preserved, combining together the eastern and the western baroque elements.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

Русская версия We came to Vietnam with mulptiple stereotypes drawn from the travellers’ forums and blogs (and similar to those we were going to Africa with), that is why our arrival to Ho Chi Minh from Kuala-Lumpur started with panics. Later it started to feel much better, especially after we stayed with our Vietnamese couchsurfer, visited Ho Chi Minh museums and other attractions and tried Vietnamese cuisine. Even the traffic in Ho Chi Minh did not seem so scary as at the beginning.
Traffic in Hochimin

Prague. Where to Drink Tasty Beer, Eat, and Ramble

Русская версия We now continue the story about Prague and this time Victor will advise where to drink fresh beer, eat tasty meal, and what to see in Prague without visiting numerous museums and monuments.

Los Angeles – The Big Orange

Русская версия The Big Orange is one of the unofficial nicknames for Los Angeles, similar to Big Apple name for New York. Los Angeles is the orange due to being sunny, and we have already written about its warm satellite – Long Beach. It is now time to write about the City of Angels, of Flowers and Sunshine, a La-La Land or a Shaky Town, as Los Angeles is also named.

Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of Mari Republic

Русская версия This time we tell about major attractions of Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of Mari El Republic: the museums, architecture, monuments, where to try Mari food and simply to walk.