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Prague. Where to Drink Tasty Beer, Eat, and Ramble

We now continue the story about Prague and this time Victor will advise where to drink fresh beer, eat tasty meal, and what to see in Prague without visiting numerous museums and monuments.

I am sure that most readers associate Prague with beer. I also start my story from it, because beer is everywhere in Czech Republic. In the three parts of this great country I visited, not a single lunch, dinner, or chat is possible without beer.

Where to drink.

Naturally, in the Czech capital, you can go to countless bars, but I will tell only about some places, where I was and which I liked.
I must admit, that beer is very cheap in Prague, even within the city centre. However, this is true only about well-promoted manufacturers. I think that tasting “zlatopramen” or something like that, is not a good idea in Prague. Therefore, I focus primarily on the breweries.
The brewery “Three Roses” is located almost in the city centre (Husova 10/232). You can try six kinds of beer here. The picture with prices was made in May 2015, but you can easily check them at the official website.
Prague_3DSC_1207 (2)

Despite being close to the centre and wonderful May weather, the place was deserted, so my colleague and I decided to go in. We were right. We enjoyed this peace very much; the beer was delicious and fresh.

Even Pika could not resist and climbed out from mye backpack to try it.

By the way, in the spring of 2016 opening of the second brewery was announced.
Another brewery I have visited was Novoměstský pivovar (Vodičkova 20).

Here you can taste real Czech lezak and watch the process of beer fermentation. There are also tours organized. You can find all necessary information on the official site of the brewery.

There are three types of beer offered here. In addition to widespread light lezak, you can enjoy its dark variant. There is also sparkling beer, but I have not tried it. Even if you have no company, still come. There is always someone there to drink with.

A third brewery which I visited is called «U Fleků» (Křemencova 11). Official website:

This one was the most expensive, and only one kind of dark lager was available. By the way, the beer is really good, and has its own interesting taste. The place has its unique atmosphere: common tables, a man with an accordion, and tasting of Slivovice for free as a bonus.

You can go into the garden to find some fresh air:

Those who seek for more people, drive, and varieties of beer, may look into a museum (Dlouhá 46).

There is a huge selection of beer, made by the local Czech producers. Each sort is described in the menu: its ingredients, colour, and taste.

Recently, the owner opened a second bar (Náměstí Míru, Americká 341/43, Prague 2). The information can be found at the website:
If you want a quieter place, then it is better to look into the tavern Mlýnská kavárna (Všehrdova 449/14), placed near the Certovka canal. You can sit inside or grab a beer and sit out on the benches in the park.


Food in Prague

is another story.

Based on the advice of my colleague, who had been in Prague many times, we usually ate in Restoracy u Knihovny (Velislavinova, 10). I highly recommend it. The pros: close to the centre, but I have not seen tourists in my 5-6 visits, plus it has cheap and tasty food. The beer here is regular, but fresh.


I am sure, that no one wants to miss the street food. Most of the pavilions are placed on Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square; the latter actually looks more like a street.


Unusual sights

Once you get full and drunk, Prague will seem quite different.
Riders will ride in a strange way:

Suddenly, the houses will start to dance:

People crawl up the TV tower:

Then you find yourself on a similar man:

A Hare Krishna guy becomes you friend:

In the end, you will want to be a part of the fountain composition and join the peeing men.

This fountain deserves to be told more about. The men pee on the map of Czech Republic, their main peeing devices change the direction to write the sayings of famous Prague residents. You can also try to be the writer by sending an SMS-message to the number next to the fountain (420 724 370 770). After some time, the men will try to reproduce what you sent.
From the Pařížská street the metronome is easily visible. It is erected instead of Stalin monument, and symbolizes time which changes everything.

The narrowest street in Prague does not have a name. It is so narrow that the traffic light is installed for pedestrians. Walk at the U Lužického semináře street and you will definitely find it.

Find the building with a balcony on Wenceslas Square. During the Velvet Revolution, the famous playwright, dissident and a former political prisoner Vaclav Havel delivered his speech from here.

In the same area, near the Museum you will find a plaque in honour of the students who burnt themselves to protest against the Soviet troops.

For Belarussians, the building of the National Library may be interesting (Mariánské nám. 5). Here you will find plaque to Skaryna on the wall.

After all, if you still do not want to sleep and want some nightlife, stroll through Wenceslas and Old Town Squares. A variety of entertainment programs will be available for you. I followed the advice I’d got from experienced people and kept away from the touts. This is not Red Light District of Amsterdam, which is, however, another story.

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