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10 Ways of Having Cheap or Free Safari in Eastern Africa

Русская версия No one can deny that people mainly come to Africa for safari. Finding cheaper and better safari is the most important topic of travel forums and Lonely Planets on Africa. We have to confess that we did not visit the classic safari, yet, there was much more to do in our month long East African trip. Another controversy about safari is that while the white tourists (named mzungu by the locals) pay thousands euros (we are not kidding) for seeing a lion from their 4WD, sometimes, there are kids just 100 meters from the tourists’ routes, with huge bellies caused by hunger. The huge money brought by mzungu for safari does not reach the African economy because of the terrible corruption of East African states. If you are still not convinced and want to see the African animals anyway, we offer 10 ways of doing safari in a relatively cheap or even free way.
Cheap Safari

Prague Zoo

Русская версия Do you happen to know that Prague Zoo is acknowledged to be the best zoo in continental Europe? We decided to verify this popular statement through visiting the zoo three weeks ago during our trip to Czech Republic.
Prague Zoo

Burundi and Its Capital Bujumbura

Русская версия   This posts tells how to spend time in mysterious East African Burundi, what to see there and where to shop, how to get to the free safari, see the hippos of Tanganyika, and visit the only museum in the country.
Bujumbura streers

Tenerife. Loro Parque zoo. Day 5-6

Русская версия  Day 5 in Tenerife was just a nightmare in terms of weather. We decided to drive to the capital of the island hoping that the weather there would be different. But we encountered only the crazy downpour and two serious accidents on the highway. As a result, we went to Auchan mall located near TF-2. There we shopped waiting for the weather to calm down a bit, but since it did not, we went home.

Nastya bought a lot of seafood and explored new recipes …

Tenerife. Monkey Park and Paisaje Lunar. Day 1-2

Русская версия   On the arrival in Tenerife (how we got there), we were shocked by its weather. Tenerife is considered to be an island of eternal spring, probably, Estonian in our case: