Tenerife. Loro Parque zoo. Day 5-6

Day 5 in Tenerife was just a nightmare in terms of weather. We decided to drive to the capital of the island hoping that the weather there would be different. But we encountered only the crazy downpour and two serious accidents on the highway. As a result, we went to Auchan mall located near TF-2. There we shopped waiting for the weather to calm down a bit, but since it did not, we went home.
Nastya bought a lot of seafood and explored new recipes while Vitya was chilling out in the hotel bar watching football …

As a result, a terrible dinner at the end of the day …

It’s a joke, of course. Vitya is not a big fan of fish, but cooking skills of Nastya do not know limits (Victor is writing now), in addition to tasty and fresh seafood . Mmm, delicious.

On the sixth day the weather did not get much better. The locals were sorry for the tourist that January, they said the weather was never so bad. But we did not want to lose time staying in the hotel and went to Loro Parque zoo.

The first animals we saw at the entrance were gorillas. It was out first encounter, and we were deeply impressed by their similarity to humans. By the way, this is a kind of fight. Gorillas always have a dominant male who must defend his power.

Loro Parque also has the largest penguinarium in the world.

At the time of our visit around 180 penguins lived here and special equipment created 12 tons of snow for them daily. In general, this place is really high-tech. In addition to the snow production, there are strict requirements to quality of the air. Air at the north pole is much cleaner, so here air passes multiple filters and is enriched with oxygen before reaching to the penguins. The water is extracted from the ocean bottom at 60 meters depth, and then again filtered.  Even the light is controlled by a computer to make the daylight is long as at home. Many penguins were brought from neighbouring zoos, and some of them – royal penguins, were born here. Eggs were collected in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands and brought here in the incubator by plane.  But the most interesting fact is that one baby penguin was born on board of the aircraft during its transit over Santiago de Chile, and was then named Santiago.

The penguins must be feeling good here, because, according to some of the statistics, the life expectancy of royal penguins there increased by ten years. Why not, if even fish and salad for them are imported from Holland?

Another impressive attraction in Loro Parque is a killer whale show.

Actually unbelievable and fascinating jumps – not just dolphins 🙂

Although dolphins, as always, were also cute and nice.

But the most mind-blowing for us was a sea-lion show. First of all, because it was interactive. There was the possibility to play with the sea-lions and even kiss one of them. It was not too easy, but we will share with you our secret.

First time, we took a sit in the center of the hall. In the middle of the show, one lion went to spectators sitting in the second and third rows to the left (if you look at the stage).  So, we decided to visit the show again and take the “right” place (the program runs about four times per day).  May be it was stupid, but not everyone is able to kiss a lion.., a sea-lion 🙂

Not so many people decided to visit the last show, so we had a big chance. Finally Nastya kissed one sea-lion and played a ball with another. Also we’ve got a branded cap as a gift! Victor is still wearing it during all our trips 🙂

Also, in Loro Parque you can visit a parrot show. It is very funny and positive, but mostly designed for kids.

Generally, the park deserves a full day.  You can find a lot of interesting places there and make a lot of pictures. We’ve got 12 GBs of photos and videos from Loro Parque 🙂







Frankly speaking, in the end of the day, we were sad to leave it.

Goodbye, Loro Parque!

By the way, buying a ticket to Loro Parque, you can purchase a ticket to the huge aqua park “Siam Park” too. In this case, you will get two tickets with a discount. We strongly recommend to visit both places, as the next day when the weather finally improved.

We had a chance to fall in love with Siam Park too.

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