Tenerife. Monkey Park and Paisaje Lunar. Day 1-2

On the arrival in Tenerife (how we got there), we were shocked by its weather. Tenerife is considered to be an island of eternal spring, probably, Estonian in our case:

Having had enough rest after the flight and stress of renting a car for the first time in our life, the next morning we were ready for new adventures!

The aquaintance with Tenerife started with Monkey Park, a small zoo where one may enter the cage with monkeys. [notification type=”info”]Note that coming in the early morning will be more fun since monkeys are still hungry then! [/notification]


You can also feed monkeys there – buying food in advance in the supermarket or at the cashier desk in the zoo. We bought wholesome food in the shop: bananas, cherry tomatoes, tangerines, etc. But the first animal we met in the park was a crocodile:

Being in the cage with monkeys, we took a lot of pictures…

…fed them…


Nastya was fascinated by them:


This one was too lazy to eat:

Nastya did not know which lemur to caress:

So one of them chose her:

And another decided to stain Victor’s shirt:

These ring-taled lemurs are very funny:


Others are quieter, but still cute:


Marmosets are in the cages you can’t enter:

There were many of them, all hungry. A big one was trying to keep off the smaller ones and did not let them meet us. But we tricked him (or her): we were both holding food and the evil marmoset could not get two offerings at once:

Also chimpanzee there:

They learned to make funny faces, and ask for a treat afterwards:

They were four in the cage, all similar and different at the same time:

Every chimpanzee behaves in its own way. For example, this is a racer:

We had a great time there and on the way back through lemurs’ cage noticed how indifferent they became, too full. Come there by the opening, otherwise monkeys will be fed and not interested in any interaction:

After visiting the monkeys, we decided to go to a famous Paisaje Lunar or Lunar Landscape. First, we got to the village Villaflor 1,5 kilometers over the sea level. At the end of the village there was a beautiful mirador (scenic view point). As we learned afterwards, miradores are everywhere in Tenerife, they are marked with special signs on the road.

One can get to Paisaje Lunar only by the earth road. We decided to leave the car and hike rather than drive:

The weather and mood were great, the road was easy to follow, the only doubt was on how much time it would take. On our way, we met two German ladies who admired the landscape they had seen and assured us that it was not a long way. We were thus inspired to walk further enjoying the views…


< 37

..and rocks:


After a long walk, we finally noticed the first sign stating that we were following the right way:

Then one more… We turned right.

The path was very well-groomed and truly beautiful:


But the weather played a dirty trick on us. The rain started in the middle of our walk, and was getting worse and worse:

The path was definitely longer than declared 3.6 kms. When we finally reached Paisaje Lunar, we were soaked to the skin, and still had to get back. Maybe that is why the landscape itself did not seem that unique and gorgeous:



On the way back we were almost running still trying to capture the views:

Finally we got to the car, turned on the heat, but still were shivering all the way home.

Still, at least turning right at the beginning was wise since this path there was uneven and rocky, and climbing it was better than trying to get down (especially in the rain). The road we took back (to the left) was wide and even, you can even ride a bicycle on it.
Next day we went to mysterious village Masca (where we caught the rainbow!), cut Montana la Sahora, and well-known Arboretum.

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