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10 reasons to Go to the Azores (Portugal)

The Azores are just a stone throw from mainland Portugal (Lisbon), with very convenient and rather cheap TAP Portugal airline flying there. In this post, we give you ten reasons why, as a traveler, one should not overlook Azores and visit them for sure! 1. The Azores are a little Iceland, yet cheaper, and more comfortable to travel around. Azores…

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Öresund Bridge (Sweden / Denmark): How to Get There, the Best Observation Platforms and Other Travel Tips

Öresund Bridge is the longest combined road and railway bridge in Europe, connecting the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, and the third largest Swedish city of Malmö. Built in 2000, the bridge did not only become a miracle of architecture, but also influenced the economies of two countries, as travel and exchange of goods between Sweden and Denmark became much easier…

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