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Barcelona. Camp Nou stadium

FC Barcelona is one of the greatest clubs in world football. It doesn’t matter whether are you are a supporter of Barcelona or not. But iIf you like football it is always interesting to visit a home of big club – the stadium.
We were in Barcelona In 2012, and I did not miss the opportunity to visit the legendary “Camp Nou”.

How to get stadium and purchase tickets.

Stadium address: Carrer d’Aristides Maillol, 12, 08028 Barcelona (entrance 23 euros). Stadium website doesn’t exist, but you can find information about tickets, timetable on the official team site, this page here
At present the price of stadium tour and museum is 23 euros per adult.
You can get there by metro to “Palau Reial” station, and after 10 minutes by foot you’ll be on the spot.
Camp Nou is really huge. It is quite difficult to take a picture of all stadium, especially from the west side.
2013_Winter_ 087

I’ve seen better pictures from the east side, but I had no time to walk around. So I went straight to the ticket office. I was lucky:, there was no line, and I purchased the ticket very quickly.
2013_Winter_ 004

Museum of Barcelona.

At the entrance to the main hall, you immediately feel the grandeur and scope of the team.
2013_Winter_ 005

Of course, after the visit of Old Trafford in Manchester, it Camp Nou didn’t look so amazing. Anyway I must pay tribute to the club: a huge number of trophies are still indeed impressive. Some of the major titles won by Barcelona: 22 times champion of Spain, a 26 times Copa del Rey winner, 11-times winner of the Spanish Super Cup. In the international competitions: 4 times winner of the Champions League, 4 times winner of UEFA Super Cup, winner of FIFA Club World Cup twice, and many other trophies. I’ll share only some photos of cups.

Champions in 1930-31:
2013_Winter_ 006

Champions in 2010-11:
2013_Winter_ 014

Supercup of Spain:
2013_Winter_ 013

Club Championship Cup 2009-10:
2013_Winter_ 015

European Super Cup 2009-2010:
2013_Winter_ 022

Cups of Champions League are placed on a separate stand.
2013_Winter_ 030

Overview of each mach is presented, related artifacts, and useful information are presentedyou can find there: which teams were beaten by Barcelona in the final and how it was. For me, as I am a fan of Manchester United, this information is just another reminder of the bitter feeling of loss.
2013_Winter_ 026

Nevertheless, several Cups were very close to Old Trafford. Final 2008/09. Barcelona – Manchester United: 2-0:
2013_Winter_ 033

Final 2010/11 Barcelona – Manchester United 3-1:
2013_Winter_ 034

Don’t forget to take a free audio guide in the main hall. It will beis interesting to listen because of in the museum there are many items that will interest be interesting not not only for the fans of Barcelona, but just afor all football fans. Here These are football boots from 40th1940s.
2013_Winter_ 008

Price for the best coach in the world in 2011 was awarded toby Guardiola.
2013_Winter_ 017

T-short with an autograph of Maradona:
2013_Winter_ 011

Now Barcelona has another Argentinean superstar in the squad. Lionel Messi is the, winner of numerous titles, awards and personal records.
Golden Boot 2009-2010.
2013_Winter_ 016

Actually, Messi is a four-time winner of the Golden Ball and it’s another record. However, Barcelona remembers all of it’s players who , ever received this prestigious prize.
2013_Winter_ 036

Just to remind: . 1960 – Luis Suarez; 1973,1974 – Jordi Kroiff; 1984 – Hristo Stoichkov; 1997 – Ronaldo; 1999 – Rivaldo; 2000 – Luis Figo; 2005 – Ronaldinho; 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 – Messi.
2013_Winter_ 037

You can also get acquainted with the history of the team at the information stands.
2013_Winter_ 018

Barcelona is not a successful football club only a successful football club. RatherMoreover, it is not just a football club only. People who are interested in sports must heard or know famous basketball team”Barcelona.” As it is turned out, Spain also has a hockey competitions … but on… rollers. These prizes were won by Barcelona’s team-mates in this kind of sport.
2013_Winter_ 024

Camp Nou stadium.

Well, wWhen you walk enough around the places of infinite glory and fill feel tired of all kinds of information about the numerous titles of FC Barcelona – go outside.
2013_Winter_ 081

You can climb up to the commentator cabins. The view is fantastic. From the TV speakers the voices of commentators will be heard the voices of commentators from different countries, so that you can feel the atmosphere.
2013_Winter_ 067

By the way, you have the opportunity to go down as well and to visit some interesting places. For example, find yourself in the dressing room and see conditions in which players are preparing for the match:
2013_Winter_ 048

2013_Winter_ 049

Some of them can pray before:
2013_Winter_ 055

Then go to the stadium through tunnel:
2013_Winter_ 054

2013_Winter_ 057

And after the match give an interview in the mix zone:
2013_Winter_ 047

You may visit probably will fall multimedia library where you can read about the important events and see the accompanying video. For example, I looked how Barcelona defeated Albasette 7-1 in 1992.

As in any major museum, you will have the opportunity to buy something in the gift shop and, of course, and take a regular picture with Messi or Champions Cup to, but bring home. your photo with Messi or Champions Cup.
Good luck with your trips!

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