TENERIFE. Teide Volcano. Farewell. Day 9-10.

We already wrote several stories about the failing attempts to visit one of the main attractions of Tenerife island – Teide volcano. On the last day of our staying there, we had the last chance to visit it. This is the final part of our story about Tenerife Island.

Information for visitors:
Hours of operating: from 9-00 to 16-00. The last ascent is at 16:00 hours and the last descent at 16:50.
Prices from the official website of the cable road:
• Resident adult: 12,50€
• Non- resident adult: 26€
• Resident minor: 8,50€
• Non- resident minor: 13,00€
• One-way trip for non-residents: 13,00€
• One-way trip for residents: 8,50€

On the website, you can order tickets and find recommendations about clothing, warnings, directions, walking routes near the observation platform at the height of 3555 meters, and even lodging for 21 euros.
There are routes to the ascent / descent from the foot of the volcano at altitude around of 2000 meters to the top. You have to be in good physical form, because the route takes about 6-8 hours.
Additional option during the visit of Teide is to climb further then the observation point – to the summit. The total distance of this route covers is approximately 650 m with a climb of about 163 m. The beginning of the trail (La Rambleta) is located at an altitude of 3555 m and the highest point (Pico del Teide) is 3717.98 m. But before you must make a booking via web-page or at office of Parque Nacional TEIDE. Contacts:
C/ Sixto Perera González, nº 25
38300 La Orotava Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel.: 922922371
Email: teide.maot@gobiernodecanarias.org

The permission is free as the main idea is to make your visit more ordered and protect the nature through the quotas limiting tourists. During the reservation you have to fill in the form and later, during the visit, you have to provide an ID with the same data.
Then you will be able to enjoy impressive and restful panoramas of the National Park, Tenerife and some of the other islands in the Canary Archipelago from the highest point in Spain.
For 25 euros more, you may get a guide and even transfer from your hotel here:
So, in the morning we crossed already familiar but still nice path to Teide. We saw an usual picture then: the cable road was operating.

After you pay for the ticket, you have to wait in the line for some time, with a possibility to get a souvenir . A photographer takes a picture of you and on the way back from the volcano you will able to buy a nice postcard with it. We don’t remember the price, but it was comparatively cheap.
The view from the bottom platform:

The cable road is relatively new: it was built in 1971 and then was renovated in 1999. So, don’t be afraid, just relax and enjoy the view. Breathe deeply, as the height difference is about 1.5 km, which you will feel.


By the end of your trip you will see clouds under you.

Entering to the top platform, you can immediately learn at which height you are, and even make a phone call.

This is a picture from the top platform, which was very cold and windy.

Scientists estimate that the first eruption of Teide occurred 150 thousand years ago. At the moment, the volcano is dormant, and his last little activity dates back to 1909. The most unfortunate event happened in 1907, when the eruption destroyed port city Gorachiko.

As we mentioned above, there are several hiking trails, including the climb to the very top, but this time it was closed.

There was so much snow that sometimes it was even difficult to get close to the fence and take photographs.

However, this does not prevent you from enjoying the beauty. As usually, it is impossible to describe it with words or camera. Nevertheless, we tried 



Since it was very cold and the routes were closed, we spent only a half of hour on the top, and dedicated the rest of the day and the next morning to saying goodbye to Tenerife: swimming in the pool, seafood dinner, and visiting the ocean.



The last thing we saw on the island from the plane was Teide.

We really enjoyed Tenerife, and hope to come back to visit some places again and to go to those ones which remained unexplored.

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