Funny signs

Funny signs

Such signs are everywhere, especially in a new country. They astonish you or make you smile, even when you are tired or cold. Very often seeing such a sign one would think: why is it here, will anyone even consider doing what this sign prohibits. Many signs characterize local lifestyle, and are distinctive and unique, being used in one country only due to traditions or, for instance, climate. Here you will find our collection of such signs, we made photos of (not from the Internet). We will be glad to read your comments and ideas on them, as well as to see your pictures related.

The very first photo from this rubric comes from one of the first foreign trips we had to Finland. This announcement demands silence in the church, and the tourists were kind to expand it translating to different languages:
Finland. Helsinki.

There are other ways of asking for silence. Our honeymoon in Paris enriched us with the following picture at Louvre:
France. Louvre. Shut up

But let’s come back to Estonia. In 2009 we did not even think that after some years Tallinn would become our third home, and could not even suppose that someone may feed a baby to a crocodile:
Estonia. Tallinn. ZOO

German town Wezze where we spent a layover once was rich in signs. For instance, we would not even consider a bank wearing a helmet:
Germany. Wezze. Bank

As soon as dogs see this sign, they change their mind:
Germany. Wezze. Dog shitting

And this sign lets us detect an airport nearby:
Germany. Wezze. Shop

In Canarian Islands, famous Siam Water Park is under the threat of picnics:
Tenerife. Siam Park Picnic

Thanks to Ryanair airline we visited lots of tiny, but interesting towns. For instance, in Swedish Nyköping there are strange people who might want to have a bicycle ride on the graveyard:
Sweden. Nyköping. Bike and cemetary

To be continued…


  • Sergey November 17, 2015 at 21:45

    Мне вот такая вот прелесть встретилась в Джакарте, ну а что, для ЮВА вполне актуальный знак. 🙂
    И такой вот бар в Варшаве.

  • Victor November 18, 2015 at 11:18

    Сергей, спасибо за фото. Варшава и ее вывески действительно кладезь для русскоязычных туристов 🙂
    Попробовал перевести название бара в Google. крупный рогатый скот и корыто 🙂

    Хороших путешествий!


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