Tenerife. Getting there and renting a car

We undertook this great trip in 2011, when we did not even think of starting blog:

We spent almost 10 days in Tenerife having got there from Riga by Ryanair through German Wezze. We got to Riga by Luxexpress (you may also use Ecolines). Ryanair now flies to Tenerife from 14 countries (and many cities)!

The airport of Riga is close to the city, and maybe easily reached by the public transport (bus № 22). The centrally located stop you may use to get to the airport is at January 13 street. The bus departs every 20 minutes, and it takes 25 minutes to get to the airport.
After Riga, we had a long layover in Wezze, a tiny airport with only one entertainment:
Аэропорт Вецце

That is why we decided to explore the town of Wezze which was extremely quiet, and had almost no sights to see. Even the airforce museum was closed. The bars are opened from 5 pm. That is why we were just rambling around Wezze’s clean steets breaking their silence with the wheels of our suitcases.
Чемодан пришлось потаскать

Beer in Germany is a must. In the pub we heard Russian language and joined these guys for beer and conversation. Kira and Vadim were going to Gran Canaria next morning, they also preferred travelling on their own and we were sharing experience. After that, we went to spend the night in the airport, and they – to the hotel though.
Мы, Кира и Вадим

The website of the airport said that it is closed at night. We e-mailed to them to make sure, and they said they are open at night, as many people stay there. The airport is good enough for sleeping: its seats do not have arms. Food, beer and Internet is all you need to guard suitcases:
Готовлюсь охранять вещи

On the way back from Tenerife, in Hann, people were sleeping on the floor, and we were lucky enough to have a beach mat. Since we were not familiar with the airport, we lay at the personnel entrance, next to the access control reader. Vitya woke up earlier and was watching kind German airport employees trying to reach the reader with their card and not to disturb Nastya at the same time.

At 6 in the morning we departed to mysterious Tenerfe, a beautiful island with lots of possibilities for entertainment and usually (not in our case) great weather. We strongly recommend to rent a car there to be independent: it is cheap and convenient. It was out first experience of a car rent, that is why Victor spent days and nights reading forums and being afraid that something would go wrong. In reality, the procedure of car rent in Tenerife is very simple, the simplest we ever encountered later. Nobody even checked the car on its return. We picked up this car in the Southern airport, and dropped it there later. It covered 1400 kms with us, and “ate” little gas: only 90 litres. The rented Seat:
Арендованный Seat Ibiza

Due to different heights the nature around kept changing, so the road was always interesting and beautiful. In Anaga mountains:
в горах Анага

On the way to Teide volcano:
Дорога на вулкан Тейде

It was snowing sometimes:
В местах, где по выше встречался и снег

And how do you like this weather?
Повезло с погодой

In some places the road was very narrow:
 на Маску

But the highways are very convenient with the speed limit of 120 kms per hour. The main highway TF-1:
главная трасса TF-1

Parking is not that fun, as not so many people park their cars within needed limits:
Парковка в Меркадоне

Парковка в Ашане

By the way, keep you belongings hidden in the car – even locals advised it to us. Otherwise, the glass may be easily broken.
We were travelling without GPS then, but got lost only once at the very beginning, missing the turn. At the end Tenerife appeared to be not a big island.

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